Land Records Document Requirements

Documents received in this department must adhere to guidelines as outlined in Missouri State Statutes

Deed Recording and Fee Requirements

Standard Page Format Requirements


  • 8.5" x 11" white or light colored paper, not less than 20 lb. weight.
  • No watermarks or visible inclusions.
  • No permanently bound or in continuous form.
  • No stapling or affixing of Attachments to any page except as necessary to comply with statutes.


  • Black or Dark Blue Ink not less than 8 point type.
  • Printing on only one side of each page.


  • First Page: 3-Inch Blank Top Margin: 3-Inches of vertical space from left to right that is void of any text, writing, graphic.
  • First Page: Bottom Margin and Side Margins shall be ¾" to 1".
  • Additional Pages- Top, Bottom, Side Margins shall be ¾" to 1".

Exceptions to Page Format Requirements

  • Documents signed prior to January 1, 2002.
  • Document executed outside United States.
  • Document where one of original parties is deceased/incapacitated.
  • Judgments or other documents formatted to meet court requirements.
  • Uniform Commercial Code recordings.
  • Federal and State Tax Liens and their Lien Releases.

First Page Recording Requirements

  • Affected property must be located in City of St. Louis.
  • Title/Type of document (such as General Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed) must be stated in the heading.
  • Origination Date of document must be stated (such as "made on this 4th day of July, 2002").
  • The Legal Names of All Grantors and All Grantees must be stated.
  • The Mailing Address for Each Grantor must be stated.
  • The Mailing Address for At Least One Grantee must be stated.
  • Legal Description of Property must be correct, complete and include City Block Number + Lot Number.
  • When a document refers to any previously recorded document, the new document must state the Book and Page Numbers or Date and Daily Numbers of the cited previous document.
  • If insufficient space on the First Page for all aforementioned information, the First Page must include a citation for the Page Reference within the document, or the Exhibit or Attachment to the document, where the required information is provided.

Miscellaneous Recording Requirements

  • Release for a Deed of Trust Recorded Before 1986: Must be accompanied by original Note and Deed of Trust.
  • Certificate of Value Required (Chapter 5.70 St. Louis City Revised Code). Contact St. Louis City Assessor at 314.622.3212.


Notarized Signatures Requirements

  • All Parties to document both Grantor and Grantee Must Have Their Notarized Signatures on document (Chapter 15.152.030 St. Louis City Revised Code).
  • Full Legal Names must be used.
  • Deeds of Trust and Easements exempt from Grantee signature requirement.
  • Under each Signature, the party's Name Must be Legibly Typed or
  • Printed sufficient for microfilming/scanning and reproduction of a legible copy.
  • Signature and typed/printed name must be same full legal name.
  • The Notary Seal or Stamp Must Be in Black Ink.
  • The Notary Seal or Stamp Must Be Imprinted Under the Notary's
  • The Notary's "Commission Expiration Date" Must Be Clearly
    Imprinted on the document from the Notary Seal or Stamp.
  • Signature and must be legible sufficient for microfilming/scanning and reproduction of a legible copy. It must read, as example:

Jane Doe
Notary Public
Notary Seal
State of Missouri Notary Commission Number (if applicable)

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