St. Louis Port Authority

The Port Authority of the City of St. Louis supports economic development in the City’s 6,000-acre Port District, which lies along the City’s 19 miles of Mississippi River frontage. In addition to managing leases for City-owned property in this area, the Authority works with shipping stakeholders across the bi-state area to promote regional commerce.

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DIRECTOR OF PORT DEVELOPMENT: Susan Taylor, 314.657.3740,
  • Works with long-term operator of the City's Municipal River Terminal (MRT) to increase throughput and promote creation of value-added economic opportunities from that throughput.
  • Upgrades existing and develops new leases for City-owned property in the Port District to maintain port revenues.
  • Creates new and participates in ongoing redevelopment projects across the Port District.
  • Meets regularly with state and federal agencies and others to develop port infrastructure funding and expedite river-borne commerce.
  • Plans and manages MRT construction projects; coordinates engineering participation of City's Board of Public Service.
  • Attends and staffs the Mayor at Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative events.
  • Manages Port Working Group, which meets bi-monthly to promote regional shipping; approximately 45 area stakeholders attend.

PORT OPERATIONS MANAGER: Nick Nichols, 314.657.3744,

  • Processes lease agreements and renewals for City-owned property in the Port District, working with the Port Authority Commission and the City's Board of Alderman as needed.
  • Coordinates permits for up to 3-day mooring privileges with the Director of the City's Street Department.
  • Prepares documents required for monthly meetings of the Port Authority Commission.

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Municipal River Terminal

Current Projects by SLDC and the St. Louis Port Authority

Warehouse Upgrade Project

North Dock Repair Project, completed October 2015

  • Project Cost: $644K
  • Contractor: St. Louis Bridge Construction Co.

South Dock Reconstruction, completed July 2013

Confluence of the Rivers Des Peres and Mississippi.

FLEETING: view of south riverfront looking north.  From St. Louis, 30-45 barge tows operate downstream and 15-or-fewer barge tows operate upstream.  Fleeting areas, like barge parking lots, allow tows to be reconfigured, depending upon origin and destination of goods.

Port Development, contact Susan Taylor,

Contact Information

Phone: (314) 657-3740

1520 Market Street , Suite 2000
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

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