Street Permit Application

Step 1 of 6: Select a problem category

For any special event related street closings (street fairs, parades, runs, bike rides, etc.), please DO NOT apply through this page. Instead, please apply through the Office of Special Events. They will collect all needed materials and route your application to Streets as well as all other city departments required to sign off on your event.

To Submit a street permit application you will be asked to:

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Step 1 of 6: Select a permit type

  • Application for Bicycle Rack
    Application for businesses wishing to purchase a bike rack from the Street Division and have it installed on the public sidewalk near their establishment.
  • Blocking
    Blocking any part of the right of way with construction equipment, dumpsters, moving vans, storage containers, etc. OR requesting special parking/no parking for a limited time (non-event related).
  • Driveway
    Constructing a new driveway or reconstructing an existing driveway
  • Excavation
    Cutting, boring, trenching, etc in the public right of way.
  • Overdimensional Vehicle
    Driving an oversized vehicle on city streets. Overdimensional is defined as being MORE than any one of the following: 9'wide, 15'high, 50'long(single unit), 75'long(combination unit), or 22,400 pounds per axle.
  • Residential Block Party
    For parties on RESIDENTIAL streets, hosted by a block resident, strictly for a social gathering of residents who live on the block. Residential Block Parties are limited to weekends only (including Friday evenings) and must end by 9:00 pm.
  • Sidewalk
    Constructing a new sidewalk or reconstructing an existing sidewalk.

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More detailed information on permits, pre-requisites for applying, fees, and inspections is available on the Street Department Permit and Inspections section.