Report Street Lighting Problem

Report city street lights damaged or not working, on during the day, or an entire block of lights out.

Begin online Call 314-622-4800


The City of St. Louis Traffic and Lighting Division appreciates reports of any problems with street lighting.

Department personnel may already be aware of the problem and may already be working to solve it, but sometimes your call is what's needed to learn about a lighting issue.

The Traffic and Lighting Division is responsible for maintaining the dusk to dawn lights along city streets. Most areas have "cobra-head" style light standards. Other areas have the shorter, historic light standards.  

We encourage residents to report any street lights that are out so crews can respond quickly to make repairs.

City Alley Lights

Alley lights, are maintained by Ameren and problems need to be reported directly to them. If possible, find the light number on a tag on the pole before contacting Ameren.


Provide as much information as possible. Include information on:

  • Address or Intersection 
    If an entire block of lights are out, please make note of the hundred block (or street and cross street)
  • Choose style of lighting
  • Describe conditions


  1. Start with the 'Begin Online' button below and select the service that best describe the situation.
  2. Complete the required steps
  3. Submit the request.

Begin online Call 314-622-4800


No fee associated with the service request.

What to Expect

The CSB will submit a service request to the Traffic and Lighting Division, who in turn will dispatch a crew to inspect and repair the light.  

Our 24 hour traffic dispatchers are online with the CSB service request system.  So even if CSB is closed, our dispatchers will receive your online request.

You will receive an email with a request ID number after you report a problem.

You can use the request ID number to check the status of the service request.

Additional Information

Our goal is to have your street light working again within 3 business days.  We give highest priority to situations where an entire block (or several blocks) are out, getting these repaired within 2 calendar days.


Traffic and Lighting Division

(314) 647-3111

1900 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63139

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Contact the Traffic and Lighting Division

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