2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2 Pickup Truck, etc.

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Bid #: 2023BID000309

Sponsor: Supply Division

Start Date: 02/27/2023
Closing Date: 06/29/2023
Closing Time: 12:00 PM (Unless Indicated Otherwise)

Bid Opening: Bid opening only available on Zoom


-2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2 Pickup Truck *per attached specs*

-Truck Bed Cargo Slide for 2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2

-Cab Guard for Rear Glass for 2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2

-Directional Light Bars for 2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2

-Rail Mounted Tool Box for 2022 Ford F350 Regular Cab 4x2

Buyer Information

Name: Reed, Sean

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