Full Body Scanner

Details for bid 2023BID000332 closing on 05/16/2023 12:00 PM

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Bid #: 2023BID000332

Sponsor: Supply Division

Start Date: 03/16/2023 05:20 PM
Closing Date: 05/16/2023 12:00 PM

Bid Opening: Bid opening only available on Zoom


High Strength Aluminum Unibody Frame. 106Kv Monoblock Oil Cooled Generator. 34" x 72" x 90" (79" top removed) foot print. 4 Second Scan Time. Variable Scanning Dosage from 0.25 uSv to 2.0 uSv



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1. Full Body Scanner

  • Type: Goods
  • Category: Safety Equipment
  • Unit of Measure: EACH
  • Quantity: 1
  • Requested Delivery Date: 05/17/2023
  • Ship To Location: City Justice Center
  • Allow Alternate Lines: Yes


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 INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS (for Request for Quotations - RFQs) 



  • Quotations (Bids) will only be accepted on this form which must be returned in a sealed envelope or through the online bid portal.  The upper left corner of the envelope must include the following information: Vendor Name, Quotation Number and the Due By Date. This information is also required on any mail delivered next day or overnight.   
  • Quotations should be typewritten or in ink.  Altered or erased unit price(s) must be initialed. One copy of Quotation Sheet must be submitted, please retain a copy for your files.
  • The Supply Commissioner reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
  • The Supply Commissioner reserves the right to make awards on an item basis or on a total basis.
  • Bidders must quote Unit Price(s) and Extension on each item.  When an error appears on an extension, the Unit Price(s) will govern.
  • When Quotation Sheet requests item(s) by brand name and your quote is for an alternate brand – show brand name(s) with model number(s) and attach full specifications.
  • When Quotation Sheet has only a general description(s) of item(s) required – show brand name with model number(s) and attach full specifications.
  • Suppliers shall not offer more than one bid on each item.  Two or more quotations on the same item may cause a rejection of the bid.  Suppliers must determine which one of their many styles or types fully meet the specification.
  • Freight or delivery charges must be included in quote, or shown separately on quote, so bid can be evaluated.
  • Bids (RFQs) must arrive no later than NOON on the date stated or will be rejected. Faxed or E-mailed bids are not accepted unless specifically requested.
  • Bids will be publicly opened on the date specified beginning at NOON.
  • Prices quoted will be considered firm.
  • Bids having an acceptance limit of less than thirty (30) days after opening date may be rejected.
  • Time of proposed delivery must be stated in definite terms.
  • Failure of Bidder to understand the item(s) requested or any part of the specifications will not be a valid reason for bidding on the wrong item(s).  Any questions regarding description of item(s) requested should be cleared with the Buyer listed in the bid document. 
  • Samples when requested must be delivered before actual time of bid opening with each sample plainly tagged showing the name of Bidder, Quotation Number, Brand Name and lot number or quality.  Submission of samples does not relieve bidder from meeting the specifications as outlined in the Bid Documents unless the bidder specifically states they are bidding on an alternate.
  • All samples are to be submitted to the address listed below unless otherwise stated in Bid Documents.
  • Deliveries must be accompanied by a packing slip or invoice, listing the Department, Quotation Number, and the exact quantities of each item included in the shipment.
  • In the event the successful bidder fails to make delivery of any item or items that meet the conditions and requirements as outlined in this proposal within seven (7) days of time stated by bidder on face of this quotation sheet, the City reserves the right to purchase said item or items on the “OPEN MARKET” and charge any costs above the BID PRICE to the bidder.
  • The laws of the State of Missouri provide that the City of St. Louis pay no State Sales or Use Tax or Federal Excise Taxes and these taxes should be excluded from your bid price.  Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificates will be furnished to successful bidder.
  • Suppliers shall save harmless the City of St. Louis from the payment of any and all claims or demands arising out of any infringement, alleged infringement, or use of any patent or patented device, article, system, arrangement, material or process used by him in the execution of this contract.
  • Supply Division hours are Monday through Friday – 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Main Number: 314-622-4580.

All mailed bids submitted in a SEALED ENVELOPE shall be mailed to:


1200 MARKET ST  RM 324

ST LOUIS  MO 63103-2842

1. Buy American

1. Buy American Form

Please complete the document and return 

  • Level: Supplier
  • Response: Required
  • Attachments From Suppliers: Required


2. Minority/Women Owned

1. Minority and Women Owned Form

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  • Response: Required
  • Attachments From Suppliers: Required


3. Attention Bidders

1. Bid signature form

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  • Response: Required
  • Attachments From Suppliers: Required


4. Specification

1. Product specification

Please attach your product specification with BID submission 

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  • Response: Required
  • Attachments From Suppliers: Required


5. Anti-Israel Affidavit

1. Affidavit Of Compliance

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  • Level: Supplier
  • Response: Required
  • Attachments From Suppliers: Required


Buyer Information

Name: Bugett, Melanie

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