Community Violence Intervention Program: Employment Connection

These funds are supporting a diverse array of partnerships to operate community programs designed to interrupt cycles of violence. The arrest and incarcerate model has failed, but a clear alternative has yet to emerge, making this an ideal moment to test and explore new solutions. The city’s eight implementation partners were selected pursuant to an RFP which prioritized community driven and data informed public health solutions, as well as efforts to reduce recidivism rates by transferring individuals from a carceral environment which compounds violence and trauma, to an ecosystem of community support designed for restorative justice, which provides them with the resources - housing, addiction treatment, behavioral health services, etc. - they need to re-integrate into the community.

Project Appropriation

Project Appropriation

Total Programmed Funds

Total Programmed Funds
100.0% programmed of total appropriation

Total Expenditures

Total Expenditures
10.3% expended of total appropriation

Project Expenditures

Project Expenditures
Date Account Vendor Amount
08/14/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $11,343.56
08/14/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $11,343.56
09/11/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $15,679.15
10/12/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $17,334.38
11/14/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $7,153.09
12/12/2023 566000 EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION $7,065.26


  • Appropriated Funds: Total amount of authorized funding set aside for a specific purpose
  • Programmed Funds: Estimate and Apportionment (E&A) approved contracts, personnel services, Board Bill approved Intergovernmental agreements (IGA)
  • Expenditures: Total amount spent by departments

Notes and Contact

ARPA(SLFRF and ERA) reporting will be updated on a rolling monthly basis.

The Project and Expenditure data reported is through Jul 30, 2024.

The data was last updated on Jul 11, 2024.

ARPA - American Rescue Plan Act ($510,518,052.20)
SLFRF - Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds ($498,076,054.00)
ERA - Emergency Rental Assistance ($12,441,998.20)

Please contact if you have questions about the data.

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An overview of ARPA data can also be found on the ARPA Transparency Portal

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