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  • This API allows for only a 90-day search of data, forward or backward. If no date is entered it will default to return the past 90 days from today. Parameters: Handle; ParcelID (parcel9); ASRParcelID; StartDate; EndDate; ModifiedStartDate; ModifiedEndDate; InspectionTypeID; CurrentResult

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Field Definitions

Name Label Data Type Vocabulary
COINumber String
Construction String
ConstructionID Integer
CreatedDate Date
CurrentResult String
CurrentResultDate Date
CurrentResultID Integer Building Inspection Results
InspectionID Integer
InspectionType String
InspectionTypeID Integer Building Inspection Types
ModifiedDate Date
NumberOfUnits String
OccupancyLimitNumber String
OwnerAddress String
OwnerCity String
OwnerName String
OwnerState String
OwnerZipCode String
ProjectAddress String
ProjectAKAAddress String
ProjectASRParcelID String
ProjectCity String
ProjectHandle String
ProjectNeighborhood String
ProjectNeighborhoodNumber String Neighborhood
ProjectParcelID String
ProjectState String
ProjectWard String Wards
ProjectX String
ProjectY String
ProjectZipCode String
Results.COIIssueDate Date
Results.COINumber String
Results.CurrentResult String
Results.CurrentResultID Integer Building Inspection Results
Results.InspectionID Integer
UnitNumber String
UseCode String
UseCodeID Integer
Violations.InspectionID Integer
Violations.ViolationAnswer String
Violations.ViolationInspectorNotes String
Violations.ViolationItem String
Violations.ViolationItemID Integer
Violations.ViolationLocation String
Violations.ViolationPMCode String
Violations.ViolationResolution String
Violations.ViolationResolutionID Integer
Violations.ViolationSeverity String
Violations.ViolationSeverityID Integer
Violations.ViolationText String
Violations.ViolationType String
Violations.ViolationTypeID Integer

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