Building Inspections Dataset

Overview and distributions for this dataset


Includes building inspections, condemnations, and vacant building records


Field Definitions

Name Label Data Type Vocabulary
ADDR_Handle Project Handle String
ADDR_LocationX Project X String
ADDR_LocationY Project Y String
ADDR_Neighborhood Neighborhood Name String
ADDR_NeighborhoodNumber Neighborhood Number String
ADDR_NeighborhoodNumber Project Neighborhood String
ADDR_ParcelID Project Parcel ID String
ADDR_Ward Project Ward String
AKAAddress Project AKA Address String
AnswerNames Violation Answer String
CNTP_Name (HCIN_FK_CNTP_ID) Construction String
CurrentResult (HCRS_ID) Violation Resolution String
HCAA_OwnerAddress Owner Address String
HCAA_OwnerCity Owner City String
HCAA_OwnerName Owner Name String
HCAA_OwnerZip Owner Zip Code String
HCAA_ProjectAddress Project Address String
HCAA_ProjectCity Project City String
HCAA_ProjectZipCode Project Zip Code String
HCAA_UnitNumber Unit Number String
HCIN_GeneralNotes General Notes String
HCIN_NumberOfStories # of Stories String
HCIN_NumberOfUnits # of Units String
HCIN_OccupancyLimit Occupancy Limit Number String
HCIR_InspectorNotes Violation Inspector Notes String
HCIS_Name (HCIR_FK_HCIS_ID) Violation Severity String
HCLO_Name (HCLO_ID) Violation Location String
HCOI_COI_Number COI Number String
HCOI_DateIssued COI Issue Date String
HCRA_Name (HCIN_FK_HCRA_ID_Current) Current Result String
HCTM_LetterText Violation Text String
HCTM_Name (HCTM_ID) Violation Item String
HCTY_Name (HCTY_ID) Violation Type String
Inspector Inspector Name String
INTY_Name (HCIN_FK_INTY_ID) Inspection Type String
OwnerState Owner State String
ProjectState Project State String
USCD_Name (HCIN_FK_USCD_ID) Use Code String

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