Building Inspections - Existing Structures Dataset

Overview and distributions for this dataset


Includes building inspections that have had complaints lodged against them. Includes results from violation letters to structural condemnations

Data Distributions

This dataset can be accessed in the following ways:

Field Definitions

Name Label Data Type Vocabulary
ADDR_Handle Project Handle String
ADDR_LocationX Project X String
ADDR_LocationY Project Y String
ADDR_Neighborhood Neighborhood Name String
ADDR_NeighborhoodNumber Neighborhood Number String
ADDR_NeighborhoodNumber Project Neighborhood String
ADDR_ParcelID Project Parcel ID String
ADDR_Ward Project Ward String
AKAAddress Project AKA Address String
AnswerNames Violation Answer String
CNTP_Name (HCIN_FK_CNTP_ID) Construction String
CurrentResult (HCRS_ID) Violation Resolution String
HCAA_OwnerAddress Owner Address String
HCAA_OwnerCity Owner City String
HCAA_OwnerName Owner Name String
HCAA_OwnerZip Owner Zip Code String
HCAA_ProjectAddress Project Address String
HCAA_ProjectCity Project City String
HCAA_ProjectZipCode Project Zip Code String
HCAA_UnitNumber Unit Number String
HCIN_GeneralNotes General Notes String
HCIN_NumberOfStories # of Stories String
HCIN_NumberOfUnits # of Units String
HCIN_OccupancyLimit Occupancy Limit Number String
HCIR_InspectorNotes Violation Inspector Notes String
HCIS_Name (HCIR_FK_HCIS_ID) Violation Severity String
HCLO_Name (HCLO_ID) Violation Location String
HCOI_COI_Number COI Number String
HCOI_DateIssued COI Issue Date String
HCRA_Name (HCIN_FK_HCRA_ID_Current) Current Result String
HCTM_LetterText Violation Text String
HCTM_Name (HCTM_ID) Violation Item String
HCTY_Name (HCTY_ID) Violation Type String
Inspector Inspector Name String
INTY_Name (HCIN_FK_INTY_ID) Inspection Type String
OwnerState Owner State String
ProjectState Project State String
USCD_Name (HCIN_FK_USCD_ID) Use Code String

About This Dataset

Information describing this dataset (metadata):

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