GeoJSON Format

Datasets with distributions using this data format

Geographic Javascript Object Notation format, a subset of JSON


Name Department Tags
Transportation Development Districts (TDDs)
Transportation development districts (TDDs) within the City of Saint Louis. TDDs are ...
St. Louis Development Corporation
Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)
Community improvement districts (CIDs) within the City of Saint Louis. CIDs are estab...
St. Louis Development Corporation taxing districts, CID
Qualified Opportunity Zones
Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) within the City of Saint Louis. Qualified Opportun...
St. Louis Development Corporation planning, opportunity zones, irs, treasury, federal, sldc, st. louis development corporation
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas
Neighborhood revitalization strategy areas (NRSA) within the City of St. Louis. More ...
St. Louis Development Corporation
Tax-abated Parcels
Parcels within the City of Saint Louis that have obtained and activated an abatement ...
St. Louis Development Corporation
Special Business Districts
Special business districts (SBDs) within the City of Saint Louis. SBDs are establishe...
St. Louis Development Corporation
City Trees (Planting Sites)
All mapped planting sites within the city for tree plantings managed by the Forestry ...

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