Board Bill Number 87 | Session 2022-2023

Police Districts


The proposed Bill directs the City of St. Louis Division of Police to establish seven Police Districts the boundaries of which shall be drawn in accordance with the map set forth in Exhibit A. that is attached to the bill. Currently there are six Police Districts. The Bill requires the Commissioner of the City of St. Louis Division of Police, to the extent that the Commissioner deems reasonable and appropriate in light of changing community and law enforcement needs, to apportion Division of Police resources equally amongst the seven Police Districts, and each Police District. The proposed Bill requires that each Police District have a primary office or headquarters. The proposed Bill also requires the redistricting to be implemented within one-hundred and eighty days following the effective date of the ordinance.


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Session: 2022-2023

Introduced: 09/16/2022

Sponsor: Pam Boyd

Latest Activity: Committee Assignment


Carol Howard

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