Board Bill Number 105 In Session 2023-2024

Automated Camera Enforcement Act


An ordinance relating to traffic control, repealing Ordinance Number 66868, and establishing the Automated Camera Enforcement Act, authorizing installation of and contracts relating to one or more automated traffic control systems as defined herein, and establishing standards for prosecution of violations of traffic control ordinances detected by automated traffic control systems.


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Session: 2023-2024

Introduced: 09/22/2023

Primary Sponsors: Shane Cohn

Latest Activity: Delivered to Register


Rasheen Aldridge, President Megan E Green

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Proposed Floor Substitute for Board Bill Number 105. Thios copy shows the changes. BB105FS Marked Copy.pdf 203.62 KB


04/15/2024 Vote Results

Aye Votes 12
No Votes 2
Final Passage Vote

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