Board Bill Number 82 Votes In Session 2023-2024

Officers of the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to Identify Themselves

Board Bill

The bill will require officers of the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to identify themselves as specified therein when requesting that a person consent to a search of their person, property, vehicle or home when the search is not pursuant to a warrant or exception to warrant requirements under applicable law, where the officer has reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the search, and the search is not incident to a lawful arrest. The bill will require that the officer inform such persons of the reasons for the request to consent to a search and that they may refuse to consent to the search or revoke their consent at any time during the search without consequences to them, and to create a record documenting the person’s consent, refusal to consent, or revocation of their consent to the search which shall be publicly available.

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07/20/2023 Final Passage Vote Results

Aye 11
No 2
Final Passage Vote
Ward Alderman Position
1 Anne Schweitzer Aye
3 Shane Cohn Aye
4 Bret Narayan Aye
6 Daniela Velazquez Aye
7 Alisha Sonnier Aye
8 Cara Spencer Aye
9 Michael Browning Aye
11 Laura Keys Aye
12 Sharon Tyus Aye
14 Rasheen Aldridge Aye
President Megan E Green Aye
2 Tom Oldenburg No
5 Joseph Vollmer No
13 Pamela Boyd Abstain
10 Shameem Clark Hubbard Absent

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