Ordinance 67483

Budget for Fiscal Year 2007-2008

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BOARD BILL NO. 1 INTRODUCED BY PRESIDENT LEWIS E. REED AND ALDERMAN STEPHEN CONWAY An ordinance making appropriation for payment of Interest, Expenses and Principal of the City’s Bonded Indebtedness, establishing City tax rates, and making appropriation for current year expenses of the City Government, Water Division, St. Louis Airport Commission, Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Health Care Trust Fund, Use Tax Excess Trust Fund, Building Demolition Fund, Assessor, Victim’s Fund, Communications Division, Forest Park Fund, Child Support Unit (Circuit Attorney's Office), Circuit Attorney Training and Collection Fee Funds, Port Administration, Peace Officer Training Fund, Capital Improvement Projects Fund, Capital Improvements Sales Tax Trust Fund, Metro Parks Sales Tax Fund, Centralized Mailroom Internal Service Fund, Tourism Fund, Lateral Sewer Fund, Public Safety Trust Fund, Local Parks Fund, Neighborhood Parks Fund, BJC/City Trust Fund. Miscellaneous Special Funds, Trustee Lease Fund, Riverfront Gaming Fund, Various Grant Funds, Tax Increment District Special Allocation Fund, City Convention and Sports Facility Trust Fund and Employee Benefits Fund (Department of Personnel); for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2007 and ending June 30, 2008, amounting in the aggregate to the sum of Eight Hundred Sixty Seven Million, Two Hundred Seventy Three Thousand, Five Hundred Thirty Three Dollars ($867,273,533) which sum is hereby appropriated from Revenue and Special Funds named for the purposes hereinafter enumerated and containing an emergency clause.

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Legislative History

Session: 2007-2008
Board Bill Number: 1
Primary Sponsor: Lewis E Reed
Co-Sponsors: Stephen Conway
Committee: Ways and Means
First Reading: 05/04/2007
Second Reading: 06/15/2007
Perfection: 06/22/2007
Third Reading: 06/22/2007
Effective Date: 06/27/2007


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