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50/50 Sidewalk

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BOARD BILL NO. 284 INTRODUCED BY: ALDERMAN FREEMAN BOSLEY, SR., ALDERMAN SAMUEL MOORE An ordinance recommended by the Board of Public Service authorizing the 2013 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide providing for the construction and reconstruction of gutters, streets, driveways, spot curbs, sidewalks, alleys, traffic controls, beautification, tree planting, resurfacing and related engineering adjustments listed herein, appropriating $5,000,000.00 from the Street Improvement Fund; containing sections for description of the work, approval of plans and specifications, work and material guarantees, estimated costs from City funds and supplemental agreements and reversion authorizations, applicable state and federal wage rate requirements, equal opportunity provisions, the Mayor's Executive Orders, contract advertising statutes, and a public work emergency clause.

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Legislative History

Session: 2012-2013
Board Bill Number: 284
Primary Sponsor: Freeman M Bosley Sr.
Co-Sponsors: Samuel L Moore
Committee: Streets, Traffic and Refuse
First Reading: 01/18/2013
Second Reading: 01/25/2013
Perfection: 02/01/2013
Third Reading: 02/08/2013
Effective Date: 02/14/2013


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