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71730 New City Revised Code Chapter 26.76 and Amending Revised Cods 26.08
This bill enacts a new Chapter 26.76 of the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis on the subject of Short-Term Rental, with definitions and establishing Short Term Rental as a permitted use in all zones in the City of St. Louis. This bill also amends 26.08 of the Revised Code by adding a cross-reference in the definition section for Short Term Rental related uses. This bill will not become effective unless and until the City, by and through its Board of Aldermen, passes legislation that provides for a permit process and regulation of Short-Term Rentals,
71729 Short-Term Rentals
This bill requires a permit to operate a Short-Term Rental in the City of St. Louis, requires designation of a Short-Term Rental Agent to respond to concerns regarding the operation of a Short-Term Rental, prescribes an application process and process for the appeal of the denial of a Short-Term Rental permit, as well as process for the revocation of any such permit.
71694 Program Providing Access to Legal Representation for Tenants Facing Eviction or Equivalent Proceedings
This proposed ordinance would establish a program providing access to legal representation for tenants facing eviction or equivalent proceedings; provide an appropriation for initial costs to begin the program; create the position of program coordinator in the Department of Human Services to implement and oversee the program; require the ongoing assessment of and oversight over the needs and outcomes of the program; provide that organizations providing legal representation under the program should work to provide the best possible outcome for a case; require property owners to provide tenants information regarding the availability of the program when terminating tenancy, and require the program coordinator to produce and make available to property owners materials for this use; and require that the program coordinator will work to engage and educate tenants and others about the program, including a severability clause, and an emergency clause.
70800 Mechanical Code
An Ordinance pertaining to the Mechanical Code of the City of Saint Louis; repealing Ordinance 68639 and Ordinance 68847; adopting the 2018 International Mechanical Code with amendments, including Appendix A; and containing a penalty clause, severability clause, savings clause, and an emergency clause.
70797 2018 International Existing Building Code with amendments,
An Ordinance adopting the 2018 International Existing Building Code with amendments, including Appendices A, B, and C; repealing Ordinance 68790; and containing a penalty clause, severability clause, savings clause, and emergency clause.
70743 2018 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide
An ordinance recommended by the Board of Public Service authorizing the 2018 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide providing for the construction and reconstruction of gutters, streets, driveways, spot curbs, sidewalks, alleys, traffic controls, beautification, tree planting, resurfacing and related engineering adjustments listed herein, appropriating $5,300,000.00 from the Street Improvement Fund; containing sections for description of the work, approval of plans and specifications, work and material guarantees, estimated costs from City funds and supplemental agreements and reversion authorizations, applicable state and federal wage rate requirements, equal opportunity provisions, the Mayor's Executive Orders, contract advertising statutes, and a public work emergency clause.

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