About the Expenditure Data

More information about the City of St. Louis' expenditure database

The information included in this database is taken from the City's mainframe financial system, which is run by the Comptroller's Office. It summarizes expenditures by fund, department, account and vendor. The most recent data for the current fiscal year (FY2018) will be posted on a monthly basis. 

Given the large size of this database, it is recommended that you use the filter feature to select a fund, department or account name to begin your search. Alternatively, you can download all of the data to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Payments from one department to another, corrections, reimbursements and adjustments will often be indicated with a "JZ," "JE" or "RE" as the vendor name.
  • A credit to an account (or reversal of a charge) is indicated by a negative expense.
  • Some of the vendors are individual employee names with an asterisk. This indicates that the employee was reimbursed for a purchase, a cellphone, gas or a travel expense.
  • FY18 expenditures will be added as the year progresses. Other funds will also be available on a going forward basis. The addition of new monthly data may cause changes in the previous month's data because of adjustments and corrections. 

Available Funds

The database includes all General Fund (the City's main operating fund) and Special fund (dedicated revenue funds) expenditures for personnel, supplies, materials, contractual services and related expenditures by vendor for fiscal years 2010 through 2018. The database does not currently include grant, enterprise or capital funds where appropriations may carry over from year to year.

All available funds
Fund Name Description Available Data
1010 General To support recurring activities necessary for City government operation FY10 - FY18
1110 Local Use Tax Specific activities including health care, affordable housing and building demolition FY10 - FY18
1111 Convention and Tourism Fund Fund 111 is made up of two parts. The Convention and Tourism Fund fosters and promotes the City's convention and tourism industry. The Convention and Sports Facility Trust was established to help pay for the construction of the convention center expansion project. FY15 - FY18
1115 Assessment Fund Supports the daily operations of the Assessor's Office FY14 - FY18
1116 Special Revenue Proceeds of a specific revenue source are legally restructed to expenditures for specified purposes. These funds exist in many divisions and departments. FY12 - FY18
1117 Communications Fund Oversees the cable TV and communications industry and manages a government access channel. FY14 - FY18
1118 Lateral Sewer Repair Fund Provides the cost of the repairs of leaking lateral sewer service lines on residential properties FY14 - FY18
1120 Public Safety Trust Fund Police Department, Circuit Attorney and City Counselor share the proceeds of this fund which is funded from a 2006 increase in the Graduated Business License Tax FY11 - FY18
1121 Riverboat Gaming Fund Accounts for revenues from riverboat gaming. Money from this fund is used for public safety on the riverfront, capital expenses and economic development FY14 - FY18
1122 Parks and Recreation Funds allocated for improvements of the City's parks and recreation centers FY11 - FY18
1123 Public Safety Sales Tax Police and Fire pensions and salary increases plus crime prevention programs FY12 - FY18


In charts, departments are sometimes grouped as shown in the table below.

All available departments
ID Name Category
1000000 1010 General Fund General Government
1100000 Board Of Aldermen General Government
1200000 Mayor General Government
1210000 Stl Agency On Training And Employment General Government
1220000 Community Development Agency General Government
1230000 Personnel Department General Government
1230001 Personnel Department- Police General Government
1230010 Personnel General Government
1231000 City Employee Pension Trust-telecomm G/r General Government
1240000 Register General Government
1260000 Stl Civil Rights Enforcement Agency General Government
1270000 Information Technology Services Agency General Government
1370000 Budget Division General Government
1390000 City Counselor General Government
1390001 City Counselor- Police General Government
1390002 City Counselor- Problem Properties General Government
1390003 Problem Properties & Nuisance Crime Pros General Government
1410000 Planning & Urban Design General Government
1430001 Affordable Housing Trust Grant 57-04g General Government
1430002 Ahc Grant - Dhs 57-046 General Government
1430003 Ahc Grant - Dhs 31-05g / 31a - 05g General Government
1430009 Desales Map Program General Government
1430010 Affordable Housing Commission General Government
1430011 Grand Oak Hill Map Program General Government
1430012 Commun Renew & Dev Agency Map Program General Government
1430013 Riverview West Florissant Targeted Map General Government
1430014 Union West Map Program General Government
1430015 Vashon/jvl Map Program General Government
1430016 Hamilton Heights Neighborhood Ord General Government
1430017 Greater Ville Neighborhood Preserv Comm General Government
1430018 Cda Lead Program General Government
1600000 Comptroller's Office Finance
1600010 Comptroller Finance
1600013 Comptrollers-abrams Building Finance
1600018 Comptroller Administration Lateral Sewer Fund Finance
1600019 Comptroller Gateway Transportation Center Operations Finance
1601001 Big Brothers Big Sisters Round Up Fund Finance
1601002 Backstoppers Round Up Fund Finance
1620000 Municipal Garage (Comptroller) Finance
1630000 Microfilm (Comptroller) Finance
1700000 Supply Commissioner Finance
1710000 Multigraph Section (Supply Commissioner) Finance
1710001 Multigraph Section- Police Finance
1800000 Assessor Finance
1801000 Assessor Finance
1900000 City Wide Accounts Non-Departmental
1900021 Citywide Account- Riverfront Gaming Non-Departmental
2100000 Parks Director Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100002 Forest Park Improvements Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100003 Parks Director Forest Park Maintenance Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100010 Rec Centers Debt Service Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100011 Downtown Vending District Parks Fund Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100012 Rec Centers Programs Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100014 1/8 Cent Sales Tax- Parks And Recreation Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100020 Bjh Neighborhood Park Fund Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2100031 Neighborhood Park Fund- Parks And Recreation Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2130000 Recreation Division Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2140000 Forestry Division Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2140004 Forest Park Forestry Maintenance Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2200000 Parks Division Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2200010 Bjc/city Trust Fund- Parks And Recreation Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2200011 Downtown Vending District Parks Fund Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2200020 Parks Department Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2250000 Soulard Market Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2500000 Tower Grove Park Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
3100000 Circuit Court (Circuit Clerk) Judicial Offices
3110000 Circuit Court (General) Judicial Offices
3120000 Circuit Attorney Judicial Offices
3120002 Ca Training Judicial Offices
3120003 Ca Delinquent Taxes Judicial Offices
3120005 Child Support Unit - Circuit Attorney Judicial Offices
3120007 Circuit Attorney Hud Unit Judicial Offices
3120008 Enhanced Criminal Prosecution Account Judicial Offices
3120009 Circuit Attorney Department Of Labor Judicial Offices
3130000 Board Of Jury Supervisors Judicial Offices
3140000 Probate Court Judicial Offices
3150000 Sheriff Judicial Offices
3160000 City Courts Judicial Offices
3160007 City Court Judicial Education Fund Judicial Offices
3160008 City Courts Appointed Counsel Fund Judicial Offices
3170000 City Marshal Judicial Offices
3200000 Probation Department And Juvenile Detention Judicial Offices
3200003 Children Service Fund Judicial Offices
3210000 Circuit Drug Court Judicial Offices
3210023 Circuit Drug Court Judicial Offices
3300000 Tax Equalization Board County Offices
3310000 License Collector County Offices
3320000 Collector Of Revenue County Offices
3330000 Recorder Of Deeds County Offices
3340000 Elections And Registration (Election Bd) County Offices
3350000 Medical Examiner County Offices
3400000 Treasurer County Offices
4010000 Communications Division Communications Division
5100000 Streets Director Streets Department
5100007 Streets Director Excavation And Restoration Streets Department
5100018 Lateral Sewer Line Repair Fund Streets Department
5110000 Traffic And Lighting Division Streets Department
5130000 Auto Towing And Storage Streets Department
5140000 Street Division Streets Department
5140007 Street Excavation Restoration Program Streets Department
5140018 Streets Division- Lateral Sewer Streets Department
5160000 Refuse Division Streets Department
5160001 Metro Trash Service Fund Streets Department
5160010 Refuse Division Streets Department
5200001 Port Authority Streets Department
6100000 Public Safety Director Public Safety Department
6100223 Crime Prevention Programs Public Safety Department
6110000 Fire Department Public Safety Department
6110021 Fire Department- Riverfront Gaming Public Safety Department
6110023 Fire Salary Increases Public Safety Department
6120000 Firefighters' Pension Systems Public Safety Department
6120023 Firemen Public Safety Pension Trust Public Safety Department
6140000 Office Of Special Events (Public Safety) Public Safety Department
6160000 Excise Commissioner Public Safety Department
6200000 Building Commissioner Public Safety Department
6200001 Lead Remediation Fund Public Safety Department
6200003 Special Demolition Public Safety Department
6200010 Housing Conservation Public Safety Department
6200011 Use Tax Demolition Fund Public Safety Department
6220000 Neighborhood Stabilization Public Safety Department
6250000 City Emergency Management Agency Public Safety Department
6320000 Corrections/msi Public Safety Department
6330000 City Justice Center Public Safety Department
6500000 Police Department Public Safety Department
6500001 Police Department- City Marshals Public Safety Department
6500002 Police Training Public Safety Department
6500010 Police Department Public Safety Department
6500020 Enhanced Police Service- Public Safety Fund Public Safety Department
6500021 Police Department- Riverfront Gaming Public Safety Department
6500023 Police Salary Increases Public Safety Department
6500123 Police Increased Workforce Public Safety Department
6510000 Police Retirement System Public Safety Department
6510023 Police Public Safety Pension Trust Public Safety Department
6520451 Warrant & Fugutive Division- Police Public Safety Department
6520453 Prisoner Processing- Police Public Safety Department
6520620 Communications Service Center- Police Public Safety Department
6520660 Property Custody- Police Public Safety Department
6520680 Telephone Reporting- Police Public Safety Department
6520690 Communications Division- Police Public Safety Department
7000002 Utility Tax Relief Health and Hospitals
7000003 Health Lead Remediation Health and Hospitals
7000010 Director, Health & Hospitals Health and Hospitals
7100000 Health Commissioner Health and Hospitals
7100010 Health Commissioner Health and Hospitals
7110010 Communicable Disease Control Health and Hospitals
7140000 Rabies Control Health and Hospitals
7140002 Neuter Assistance & Education Fund Health and Hospitals
7140004 Animal Control Neuter & Microchip Assistance Fund Health and Hospitals
7140010 Animal Care And Control Health and Hospitals
7150010 Community Sanitation & Vector Control Health and Hospitals
7150010 Air Pollution Health and Hospitals
7150020 Air Pollution Health and Hospitals
7190010 Family/community/school Health Health and Hospitals
7200000 Food Control Section Health and Hospitals
7370010 Health Care Trust Health and Hospitals
7370013 Health Care Trust Health and Hospitals
8000000 Director Of Human Services Department of Human Services
8000002 Equitable Relief From Utility Tax Fund Department of Human Services
8000003 Heat Up St. Louis Round Up Department of Human Services
8000010 Human Services Department Department of Human Services
8001000 Domestic Violence Department of Human Services
8002000 Battered Persons Shelters Department of Human Services
9000000 President's Office Board of Public Service
9000004 President, Bps Special Fund Board of Public Service
9030000 Facilities Management Board of Public Service
9030001 Facilities Management- Police Board of Public Service
9100000 Equipment Services Board of Public Service
9100001 Equipment Services- Police Board of Public Service
9300000 Soldier's Memorial Board of Public Service

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