General Fund Revenues

A breakdown of City of St. Louis general fund revenue sources

City General Revenue Pie Chart

City general fund revenues
Revenue Source Percent of General Fund Revenue
Earnings Tax 36%
Property Tax 14%
Fees & Fines 12%
Utilities Tax 10%
Sales Tax 9%
Payroll Tax 7%
Grants & Intergovernment 5%
Other 4%
Licenses 3%

The City of St. Louis is the sole recipient of the earnings tax revenue collected. The funds collected from the earnings tax are distributed to the City of St. Louis in the following ways:

  • Earnings tax makes up 36% of the general revenue for our city.
  • Earnings tax revenue provides critical resources for our city – street repair, fire and police services, lighting, forestry, neighborhood stabilization services and more.
  • Earnings tax revenue ensures that important city services are maintained - sporting events, parks, museums, and the Arch.

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