Healthy Home Repair Program

Home repair assistance for low to moderate income households.

The Healthy Home Repair Program, offered by the City of St. Louis through the Community Development Administration (CDA), provides essential home repair assistance to low to moderate income households living in the city. This program supports homeowners in maintaining the safety, value, and well-being of their homes.

To be eligible, applicants must meet certain requirements, including residency, property ownership, and income limits. An evaluator assesses the home's needs and determines eligibility for the program, focusing on health and safety concerns. Collaborating with partner agencies, including Mission: St. Louis, the program assists with planning, legal documents, contractor management, and completion of necessary repairs. The Healthy Home Repair Program aims to ensure that every resident in the City of St. Louis has a safe and comfortable living environment. To apply or for more information, please contact the Home Repair Hotline at 314-657-3888.


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Your home is more than just a place – it's where memories are made, celebrations happen, and dreams are crafted. To ensure your home remains a safe and comfortable haven, the City of St. Louis offers the Healthy Home Repair Program. This initiative blends loans and grants to support essential repairs, helping you maintain your home's value and safeguard your family's well-being.

The Community Development Administration (CDA) administers the Healthy Home Repair Program in the City.

In order to be eligible for home repair assistance, there are some requirements and restrictions which will be explained during the intake process. The Healthy Home Repair Program is for homeowners who live in the City of St. Louis; have owned and lived in their home for at least 2 years; have clear title; are current on their real estate taxes; are current on their mortgage payments and have homeowner's insurance.  Because federal dollars are used to fund the program, eligibility is limited to low and moderate income households (less than 80% of Area Median Income). 

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Can I Get Help?

An evaluator will visit your home and prepare a list of qualified repairs. CDA can only address problems that are a threat to health and safety and may not be able to repair ever everything you want done. CDA cannot repair a home that is structurally unsound or one that exceeds the funding limits.

What do I need to know? 

The Healthy Home Repair Program provides funds to pay for home repairs. You will work with the CDA to: 

  • Learn about the program and see if you qualify;
  • Learn how to apply for the program; 
  • Get help with the application process.

Then our partner agency, Mission: St. Louis will: 

  • Work with the Building Division to schedule a home evaluation; 
  • Develop your Healthy Home repair plan
  • Explain the costs and financial assistance available to you
  • Prepare all legal documents and contracts
  • Manage the contractors who will complete the repair work; 
  • Ensure the work is satisfactorily completed. 

Program Details

Who Qualifies: To participate in the "Healthy Home Repair Program," you must:

  • Live within the City of St. Louis
  • Own your home for a minimum of 2 years
  • Have a clear title to your home
  • Be current on your real estate taxes and mortgage payments
  • Have insurance on your home
  • Meet income limits (see table below)

Application Process: If you're interested, call 314-657-3888 to be added to the waiting list. When your turn comes, we'll guide you through submitting necessary documents:

  • Recorded Warranty Deed to your home (all pages)
  • Your Missouri Driver's License or State ID
  • Copy of your Social Security Card
  • Last year's Federal Income Tax returns (1040 and W-2s)
  • Last year's paid real estate tax bill and/or receipt
  • Mortgage loan payment statement
  • Ameren and Spire bills in your name and at your address
  • MSD (Sewer) bill in your name and at your address
  • Last three months of checking and savings account statements (all pages)
  • Proof of income (last 4 paycheck stubs, TANF, SS, SSI, and pension benefit letters)

Evaluation and Assistance: An evaluator will assess your home's needs and eligibility for the program. While there are funding limits and we prioritize health and safety concerns, we are here to provide financial assistance where possible.

Partner Agencies: Collaborating to ensure your project's success are:

Additional Resources:

  • Homeowner's Insurance: If you're unable to get homeowner's insurance, contact Missouri FAIR Plan at 314.421.0170.
  • Foreclosure Assistance: For those facing foreclosure, call the United Way Hotline at 211 or 314.421.4636.
  • Real Estate Tax Information: Obtain paid receipts and more tax information from the Assessor's Office, City of St. Louis, at 314.622.4050.
  • Warranty Deed: To get a copy of the warranty deed for your property, call Recorder of Deeds Office, City of St. Louis, at 314.622.4610.

Get Started - How Do I Apply?

Since there are a significant number of people currently enrolled in the 
Healthy Home Repair Program, there will be a delay before you are able to participate. Call 314 - 657-3888 to place your name on the waiting list.

We will take some basic information from you over the phone and as soon as your name is next on the list, we will contact you. 


If you are a contractor, we are looking for the following qualified contractors to apply:

  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Lead remediation and abatement contractors licensed in the State of Missouri for carpentry installations of new windows, doors, and porches
  • Radon mitigation

Contractors will go through a simple bidding process with ample opportunity to work with the Healthy Home Repair program.  The program is funded annually, and prompt payments will be made to all contractors. Interested contractors can call (314) 771–5116, extension #3 or email

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Home Repairs Recruitment Flyer

Income Guidelines

To qualify for the Healthy Home Repair Program, your gross annual income must be at or below:

Number of People Living in your Home
(including yourself)
Annual Maximum Income
1 $56,250
2 $64,300
3 $72,350
4 $80,350
5 $86,800
6 $93,250
7 $99,650
8 $106,100


Because so many homeowners are already on the Healthy Home Repair Program waiting list, there may be a significant delay before you are able to participate. 

For more information or to apply for home repair assistance, please contact the Home Repair Hotline at 314-657-3888. 

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