2020 Spring NOFA Questions

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                                                      2020 Spring NOFA Questions



   Question #1:

Our organization previously applied for a project. We received a funding recommendation for a previous application but did not move forward with the project. Since the project went through reviews last year, we were thinking about resubmitting for it again. Are there any aspects of this we should note in the application?  



Projects that have been submitted in the past, regardless of outcome, should be treated as a new application. Any reviews that were previously completed are no longer valid as changes in procedure, compliance requirements, or CDA guidelines may have changed since the award recommendation was made and will require a new review.


   Question #2:

For applications made requesting use of Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) controlled property, is there a procedure in place given the current “stay at home” orders in effect for the City of St. Louis? It may be possible that option assignments cannot be executed before the application deadline.



Applicants who intend to use LRA parcels should make every effort to secure the option before the applications are due on May 29th, 2020.  However, that may not be possible. In that event, please provide whatever documentation that LRA provides indicating that it is intending on transferring the property to the development team should the application receive an award recommendation. 


Question #3: 

With the 2020 NOFA application due date being moved to May 29th, 2020, will the Award Announement also be moved out? What is that date?



The funding award recommendation date issued on the 2020 Spring NOFA was listed as "To Be Determined" and has not been changed. Many factors can affect the timimg of the award recommendation release and the "to be determined" designation reflects that.


Question #4:

We would like to rehabilitate the apartments in our Residential Facility.  The apartments are used in a program for homeless and very low-income families and individuals. Hope House is a program that provides housing and supportive services to assist homeless, low income and very low-income families in their efforts to secure stable housing and employment, with an ultimate goal of these families achieving self-determination and the ability to exercise their choice of permanent housing destinations. 

Would our program be eligible for funding under this NOFA?



Non-profit agencies seeking to rehabilitate transitional or short-term housing should apply for funding through the CDA programmatic application process that occurs each summer. Programmatic funding can be provided for public improvements such as those you describe in your email.

We would encourage you to begin early in your application process and to   contact Justin Jackson at jacksonj@stlouis-mo.gov to   discuss any future   application you might submit.

Here is a link to the NOFA process that was held in relation to programmatic funding last year: https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/communitydevelopment/cdbg/funding-cycle.cfm   

**The link shows current, but the application deadline has passed.**

  Question #5:

One of the items in the Eligibility Analysis is “All checklist covered items are submitted in order and each is clearly identified. "There are two checklists for the Eligibility Analysis given in the Spring 2020 NOFA document on pages 14 and 26. They differ slightly. Which version should be used to receive points for "completeness".



Applicants may use either the checklist on page 14 or page 26 in  the 2020 Spring NOFA document. Applicants may also use the  link here which details the items required for completeness and was provided by email on May 14th, 2020.


  *(questions have been edited for brevity and clarity)

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