New Partner Welcomed for Animal Shelter Operations

The Department of Health enters into a contract with the Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment STL (CARE STL) to operate the city animal shelter.

March 18, 2019 | 2 min reading time

The City of St. Louis Department of Health has entered into a contract with the Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment STL (CARE STL) to operate the Animal Care Center located at 2801 Clark Avenue. CARE STL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which works to continue an increased live-release rate for shelter animals.

“Our mission focuses on the health and safety of the animals in our care, and we want to do it in a way that helps our two-legged community friends as well. We are focused on saving the animals of the City of St. Louis,” says Weng Horak, Founder and CEO of CARE STL. “We're here to help create a more caring community for the pets and people of the city by implementing lifesaving partnerships, and community outreach programs,” says Horak.

CARE STL works with a network of community partners, like-minded rescue organizations, business sponsors, adopters, donors, and volunteers to advocate for
animal welfare. To become involved with assisting CARE STL through a partnership or with care of the shelter animals, call 314-612-5311 or visit

The City of St. Louis Department of Health will maintain its Animal Control Division, ensuring the public’s health and safety by enforcing the requirements of Title 10 of the City’s code. This includes investigations for animal abuse and cruelty, animal bites, dangerous dogs, and upholding vaccination and registration requirements.
“This partnership allows the Department of Health’s Animal Control team to focus its efforts on continuous protection of the health and safety of the City of St. Louis, while the CARE STL team focuses on the care and finding second chances for animals brought into the Animal Care Center shelter, says Dr. Fredrick L. Echols, Director of the City of St. Louis Department of Health.

If a member of the public is concerned about the welfare of an animal in the city of St. Louis, they are urged to call the Citizens’ Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 to file a report. If an animal appears to be in distress or is unresponsive, please contact Animal Control immediately at 314-657-1500. If calling after hours, please call 314-231-1212.

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