Functional Needs Registry

The Functional Needs Registry is a database containing information about individuals residing in the City of St. Louis who may require assistance in the event of an emergency.

Begin online Call (314) 657-1676


Individuals, of any age, are eligible to be registered with the City of St. Louis Functional Needs Registry if they have specific needs that prevent them from taking care of themselves in the event of an emergency. These include individuals who are:

  • frail
  • elderly
  • medically needy
  •  and/or a person with disabilities and are not served in or by a residential facility program (i.e. nursing home, residential care facility, etc.).

One can also register a family member, friend, or neighbor. 

The application provides a section acknowledging that a person other than the applicants name is completing the form.


Be prepared to provide:
  • the individual, full name, address, and contact information:
  • Primary physician,  pharmacy, and care giver contact information
  • Medical and nature of disability information
  • Home cooling and heating information
  • Medication information


You may register for the Functional Needs Registry by phone or online. Complete the Registry Application choosing your preferred method.


Call the local number (314) 657-1676, or the Toll Free number: (877) 612-5918 and provide all the information requested.


  1. Follow the "Begin Online" link below and complete all the form fields.
  2. Select ‘Functional Needs’ as the Request Type
  3. After selecting the 'Functional Needs" Request Type you will be presented with additional fields.
  4. Answers the additional questions and "submit" the form for approval.

Begin online Call (314) 657-1676


There is no cost associated with this service.

What to Expect

After I register

Your information will be reviewed for approval.

Your information will be used for disaster planning and public health purposes by the City of St. Louis.

In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact those persons on the registry in order to provide information about how to prepare for or respond to the emergency information regarding facilities or shelters, and to check on their well-being.
Being on the registry in no way ensures that registrants will receive any, immediate or preferential treatment during an emergency.

Notification of registration 

Individuals will be notified via letter, email or other means of the status of their application. 
The Review Team:
  • looks at the application, 
  • either accept the application, deny the application or contact the individual for more information before making a decision. 
Eligible registrants are required to sign Confidentiality Authorization Forms prior to being placed on the registry.

Updating the registered individual(s) information 

You will be sent a renewal notice semi-annually asking the individual to update their application via paper or through the on-line registration process.


Additional Information

I want to be removed from the Functional Needs Registry

Participation on the registry is Voluntary

If at any time your condition changes you wish to be removed from the registry, call our local number (314) 657-1676, or the Toll Free number (877) 612-5918 and request to be removed from the registry.


Department of Human Services

(314) 612-5900

1520 Market, 4th Floor #4065
St. Louis, MO 63103

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact the Department of Human Services

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