Website Governance

Website Governance for the City of St. Louis.

The City of St. Louis website, is the City's primary public interface.  Taken together, these pages convey the City's overall functions and services and are intended to facilitate the free flow of communication and information. 

The website governance structure is in place to help manage short-and long-range goals, and resolve conflicting cross-Agencies needs and priorities.  Its aim is to provide a framework for establishing clear content management responsibilities, promote city-wide standards and rules informed by authoritative best practices, set content and enhancement priorities, and support for the City's web community.

The work of the following groups collectively contribute to the overall management of

Content and Communication Team 

Oversees the activities of content contributors, collaborates on topic generation, and coordinates the news cycle with public information officers.

  • Convenes monthly or on demand
  • Manages homepage and top level landing pages content
  • Drives news cycles, set news agenda and content priorities
  • Consults with departments on newsworthy events, upcoming content priorities, and news coordination.

Information Architecture Governance Team (IAGT)

Governs the information architecture structure for the entire site,  evaluates changes, performs usability test, and makes recommendations.

  • Meets on demand
  • Governs the information architecture structure of the site
  • Reviews requests for changes and performs cost-benefit analysis of requested changes
  • Performs usability testing with focus group of proposed changes
  • Makes recommendation  to Policy Committee

Policy Committee

Oversees the management and integrity of the overall website, approves governance procedures, and enforces established standards and rules.

  • Meets quarterly
  • Evaluates recommendations from working groups and committees
  • Determines procedures that enforce adopted standards and rules
  • Advocates for web and portal initiatives with their leadership
  • Establishes procedures to resolve conflict

Read More about the Policy Committee Work

Site Coordinator and Contributors

These individuals are responsible for the content on their site and serve as the point of communication between their managers and the website team.

Website Team

Consist of the staff of the ITSA Web Development team.

  • Oversees and governs the user experience
  • Trains new content owners
  • Reviews sites to ensure compliance with standards
  • Consults on how sites can add more value, keep their content up to date, and implement new technologies or social features.

Add-hoc Working Groups

Groups available on as needed basis primarily to test usability and accessibility of website.

Accessibility Working Group

Convenes as needed for testing and quality control related to accessibility and usability of website and makes recommendations to website team.

Stakeholder Focus Group

Convenes as needed for testing and quality control related to navigability of site and provides feedback to Information Architecture Governance Team.



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