Promos and photo buttons

Promos can be used to feature important content that needs to stand out. They usually consist of a photo, a title, a description, and a single link.

Large Promo

Large promos are used on the site home page and department home pages to feature content. The are made up of a photo that spans the entire browser width, and an overlay with a title, description, and link to more information.

Large promos must: 

  1. Link to a page where people can get more information. 
  2. Use text that is concise and to the point.
  3. Use a high-quality photo. Because of the responsive nature of the promo element, photos with text overlays or collages will not look professional and are not to be used.

Small Promo

Used for featuring content with a smaller footprint. Not to be used in a container that is 100% wide. The requirements are the same as for the large promo. See also content blocks.

Taxes Due

Tax Season

Everything you need to know about filing taxes in the City of St. Louis

Photo Button

A smaller way to feature content in more of a 'card' view is to use a photo button. The whole button is the link and is clickable. The photo button description is optional, but otherwise the requirements are the same as for the other promo elements.

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