Business License Exempt Businesses

Businesses exempt from any municipal business license.

Some businesses or professions are exempt from any business municipal licenses.

Some businesses or occupations are required to have a business license if they have an office in the City of St. Louis

Business or Professions That Are Exempt From Any Municipal Business License

Business Type
Missouri Revised Statues
Exemption Authority
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 71.620.1 RSMo
Chiropodist (Podiatrist) 71.620.1 RSMo
Chiropractor 71.620.1 RSMo
Christian Science Practitioner 71.620.1 RSMo
College Professor 71.620.1 RSMo
Credit Union 148.620.3 RSMo
Dentist 71.620.1 RSMo
Lawyer 71.620.1 RSMo
Minister 71.620.1 RSMo
Nursing Home (All care) 198.018.6 RSMo
Optometrist 71.620.1 RSMo
Physician 71.620.1 RSMo
Priest 71.620.1 RSMo
Psychologist 337.070 RSMo
Savings and Loan 148.620.3 RSMo
Surgeon 71.620.1 RSMo
Teacher 71.620.1 RSMo

Businesses or Occupations Required to Have a Business License If They Have an Office in the City of St. Louis

 Business or Occupation
Missouri Revised Statues
Exemption Authority
Architect [1] 71.620.2 RSMo
Auctioneer 71.620.2 RSMo
Professional Engineer [2] 71.620.2 RSMo
Insurance Agent 71.620.2 RSMo
Insurance Broker 71.620.2 RSMo
Investment Funds Service Corporation 71.620.1 RSMo
Land Surveyor 71.620.2 RSMo
Real Estate Broker 71.620.2 RSMo
Real Estate Salesman 71.620.2 RSMo
Veterinarian 71.620.2 RSMo

[1] State Law Section 71.620.2 gives the city of St. Louis the authority to require an occupational or business license for architects and professional engineers if they have an office within the city limits. 

[2] The City Charter Article XX, Section 1 specifically exempts professional engineers from having a business license if they are licensed by the state of Missouri. Architects are not exempt.

Missouri Revised Statues


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