Business License Information

General Information about obtaining a business license from the License Collector's Office for the City of St. Louis, and a list of business types used to identify your business.

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Any person who engages in any business, occupation, pursuit, profession, calling, avocation, or trade within the City Limits of St. Louis is required to have a business license, unless specifically exempt by law. The requirements to obtain a license change depending on the type of business.
Listed below are some of the most common types of businesses. Please choose a category that best fits your business' description. Generally, any type of business that involves commercial activities, commodities, manufacturing, wholesale or retail goods, and services is required to obtain a business license.

If your specific business type is not listed, please select the category that is nearest to your business type.
You may be required to obtain more than one business license. A separate license is required for each location of your business in the city. A separate license is required for each trade name under which you operate. A separate license is also required for each occupation or business at the same address. Licenses are not transferable. A new license must be obtained when owners, locations, or trade names change.
 In general when applying for a business license certain requirements must be fulfilled; such as an occupancy permit for any city location, a Missouri retail sales tax license, tax clearance from the City Collector of Revenue and a statement regarding Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Certain specific types of businesses may have additional requirements imposed by city ordinance.
 Please note that these requirements are for a Business License in the City of St. Louis only. Additional requirements may be required for certain trades or professions from other agencies. Please contact the Federal Government, State of Missouri, or local municipality to review any additional requirements. For your convenience, you are now able to print out an application or other form online by clicking on the application link "Business License Forms and Applications" in the navigation bar to the left.


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