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Community Assets Inventory Develop a Neighborhood-Community Asset Inventory
Information on how to develop an asset inventory of your neighborhood or community.
Secure Vacant Buildings and Preserve Historic Buildings
Existing buildings with historic architectural features, unique design elements, or historical significance add character and charm to a neighborhood
Grocery in the Grove Make a Healthy Corner Store and Encourage Healthy Eating
By encouraging stores to improve their food and service offerings to be more healthy and local, they encourage and enable healthier eating habits.
Timebank Launch a Neighborhood Timebank
A timebank is a currency, like money, that can be traded among neighbors. In this case, the currency is an hour of time. An hour of help earns one credit.
Tool Library Establish a Community Tool Library
It operates much like a traditional library, where residents check out tools and return them about a week later.
Walking Tour Develop a Neighborhood Walking Tour & Market Your Neighborhood
Host themed walking or biking tours of your neighborhood to encourage urban exploration, active lifestyles, and to offer unique insight to your neighborhood for residents and visitors.
Saucer building Preserve Existing Buildings
Preservation maximizes the use of existing materials and infrastructure, reduces waste, and preserves the historic character and charm of a neighborhood.
Local store Cherokee Start a Shop Local or Green Business Campaign
A shop local campaign is an advertising campaign and/or fund-raising effort to highlight the benefits of shopping at locally owned and operated businesses and increase patronage at those businesses.
Volunteer weatherizing window Conduct A Weatherization Training Program
Weatherization or weatherproofing is the process of protecting a building and its interior to reduce energy use and lower energy costs
Rain Garden Install Rain Gardens or Bioswales
Information and resources on installing a rain garden or bioswales.
White roof Create A Cool Or White Roof Program
Cool roofs are highly reflective roofs that absorb less heat from sunlight and keep your building cooler

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