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What we do

Along with long range planning, the Planning and Urban Design Agency has several regulatory functions. These include serving as staff for the Planning Commission and Preservation Board about specific projects and agenda actions.
Additionally, PDA staff develops and maintains many useful tools for planning and research. These include GeoStLouis, an online mapping tool primarily suited for researching property snapshots; Historic District maps and designations; and the Strategic Land Use Plan of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan.
Working with other Federal and State agencies, PDA has developed tools for analysis of current Census data and Economic Indicators. The agency has developed a series of downloadable maps available for free to the public.

Sustainability is important to the City, and the Planning and Urban Design Agency has developed a number of initiatives to encourage bicycle paths, urban trails, and other design concepts.

Departmental Vision

The vision of the Planning and Urban Design Agency (PDA) is to take a leadership role in creating   opportunities for the City of St. Louis to continue to grow and sustain our diverse community that gives St. Louis its unique character.

Departmental Mission

The mission of PDA is to focus on planning for the future of the City of St. Louis through effective measures of planning, design review, construction plan approval, code compliance, and housing assistance.

"The (preparation) (funding) of this project report, map, document, etc., (is) (was) financed (in part) (wholly) through a grant from
the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Community Development Administration under the provision of Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974."

Contact Information

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Phone: (314) 657-3700
Fax: (314) 613-7014

8 AM to 5 PM, Mon - Fri

1520 Market St , Suite 2000
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

SE corner of Market and 15th Street

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