Planning Commission

About the Planning Commission and it's staff, PDA's Planning Office.

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About the Planning Commission

Commission Duties

The St. Louis Planning Commission adopts and amends the Strategic Land Use Plan of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan for the City of St. Louis, Neighborhood Plans and Topical Plans.

The Commission adopts zoning ordinances and makes decisions on all rezoning petitions, thereby guiding the development and redevelopment of the City. It also reviews blighting studies and redevelopment plans before providing recommendations to the Board of Aldermen.

Commission Members

The Planning Commission consists of thirteen members. The following city officials are members: The President of the Board of Public Service and the Chairs of the Transportation and Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committees of the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor, Comptroller and President of the Board of Aldermen each designate one member. The Mayor appoints the seven remaining members (“citizen members”).

Planning Staff

The Planning Office of the Planning & Urban Design Agency (PDA), serves as the planning staff for the Planning Commission.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Adopts plans as the official adopted plans for the City of St. Louis 
  2. Acts as the Zoning Commission for the City of St. Louis by recommending zoning text and map changes.
  3. Reviews zoning including Zoning Overlay Districts (Form-Based Zoning Districts, CUP, PUD, SPD & SUD), redevelopment proposals and other proposed legislation for compliance with adopted plans
  4. Hears appeals of decisions by the Preservation Board and recommends Landmarks to the Preservation Board.

The Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 P.M. Meetings are held at the Planning & Urban Design Agency boardroom located at 1520 Market Street, 2nd floor, Conference Room B and are open to the public unless otherwise posted.

Audio Recordings

Playlist of audio recordings of the Planning Commission meetings hosted on YouTube.

Upcoming Events

These events are coming up soon. You can also View past meetings

Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015

Planning Commission Meeting
Planning Commission | Meeting | Free

Current Planning Commissioners

Susan A. Stauder (Chair)
Alderwoman Lyda Krewson
Alderman Shane Cohn
Dan Jay
Dave Visintainer
Ted Spaid
Patrick Brown
Ivy Pinkston
Michael Powers
Richard T. Bradley

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