Incidental Business Waivers

What Incidental Business Waivers are, who can get one, and how to apply.

While most businesses are required to have their own occupancy permits, certain small businesses can operate with an Incidental Business Waiver tied to an existing business' occupancy permit.  A common example of an Incidental Business is an independent stylist operating in an established salon or barber shop, but other business qualify as long as they meet the criteria below.

An Incidental Business Occupation is defined as a business which is:

1. Incidental or customarily affiliated with and subordinate to the primary business in which it is located;

2. Does not occupy more than 10% of the total floor area of the primary business in which it is located; and

3. Meets all other requirements of the Zoning Ordinance for the Zoning District in which the incidental business is located

You can download the application here.

*Note: You do not need to know the permit # of the existing business.

Applicants must also provide the following documentation:

1. A copy of the contract between the Primary Business and the Incidental Business OR a notarized letter from the Primary Business stating relationship with the Incidental Business.

2. A copy of the floor plan for the Primary Business showing the total square feet of floor area devoted to the Primary Business and the total square feet of floor area devoted to the Incidental Business.    

If you wish to apply for an Incidental Business Waiver, please bring the required documents to Room 400, City Hall. You can complete the application in advance or request an application from Zoning staff when you come to City Hall.

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