Bureau of Prevention

Information about the divisions within the Fire Department that work on fire prevention.

The Bureau of Prevention has four major divisions:

  • code enforcement
  • fire investigation
  • health & wellness
  • public education

The code enforcement division is responsible for enforcing provisions of the fire prevention ordinance, the commercial structure carbon monoxide detector ordinance, the residential structure carbon monoxide detector ordinance, the smoke detector ordinance, and the hazardous material ordinance.

Enforcement of these provisions is supported through many functions. Some of the functions include: fire protection system plan review; inspections of existing structures; review of applications for permit; and many others. These functions, as determined by the Fire Chief, are the minimal requirements to safeguard life, property, public welfare, and firefighter safety and health, from the hazards of fire and explosion.

For information pertaining to the following, please dial 314-289-1919 and follow the telephone prompts.

  • Fire protection systems or building site drawings, including plan review, acceptance test, or general information
  • Fire incident or fire investigation reports
  • Information pertaining to permits, including propane, flammable liquid storage tanks, blasting, or fireworks displays
  • Complaints
  • Fire safety education and fire extinguisher training
  • Fire code questions
  • Information concerning DSTEP


  • Fire Marshal - Deputy Chief Charles E. Coyle
  • Assistant Fire Marshal - Captain John Walk
  • Deputy Fire Marshal -- Captain Ray Daniels

Bureau of Prevention Forms

  • Use of Propane!!!
  • Fire Suppression Inspections, Detection & Alarm System Plan Review Permit Process
  • Application for Permit and Certification
  • Application for Pyrotechnic Display Permit
  • Fire Alarm Pre-Test Verification & Inspection Form
  • Sprinkler system Pre-Test Verification & Inspection Form Fire Safety Information
  • Storage Tank Information Sheet

Fire Protection System Review Documents

Pre-Test Forms:

  • Hood suppression System Pre-Test Verification Form
  • Sprinkler System Pre-Test Verification and Inspection Request Form
  • Fire Alarm Pre-Test Verification and Inspection Request Form
Review Submittal Forms:
  • Sprinkler System Review Submittal Form
  • Fire Alarm System Review Submittal Form
Other Forms:
  • Application for Permit -- Hazardous Materials Form
  • Application for Permit for Pyrotechnic Display of Fireworks Form

Note:  All available Bureau of Prevention forms may be found in the Fire Department Documents section of this web site.

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