Board of Public Service Permits

Information and applications for permits from the Board of Public Service


The BPS Office of the Secretary handles:

  • permits for the use of public places
  • permits for private businesses as provided by general ordinance
  • grants or dedications of property for any public use
  • property boundary changes
  • engineering, construction, and reconstruction work by the City

You can read more about each type of permit below.


Public Improvements
Permit Review
(314) 589-6635
Email & full profile

Property Boundary Changes
Plat Review
(314) 622-5513
Email & full profile

Public Improvement Permits

Public improvement permits are required for any improvements proposed within the public right-of-way (ROW) or on City-owned property.

Property Boundary Changes

The Board of Public Service authorizes any proposed property modifications, including Subdivisions, Boundary Adjustments and Lot Consolidations

Street/Alley Changes

Street and alley changes are divided into two categories:

  • Street/Alley Dedications – The City receiving new public right-of-way (ROW) from one or more properties. Street/Alley Dedications are processed through the Board of Public Service.
  • Street/Alley Vacations – The City forfeiting public right-of-way to one or more properties. Street/Alley Vacations are processed through the Street Department.

Other Types of Permits

Related permits not issued by BPS include:

Town Home Fee Simple Conversion Permit

A Townhome Fee Simple Conversion Permit is for applicants attempting to subdivide a parcel in which a building will be located over the proposed property boundary. A Townhome Fee Simple Conversion Permit guarantees the building is effectively two connected standalone structures. Thus, if one side of the building sustains severe fire or other structural damage, the other remaining side would not be subject to becoming condemned. Interested applicants may contact:

Department of Public Safety - Building Division
Room 425 City Hall
(314) 622-3313

Permit Inquiries
(314) 622-3332
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Building Permit

Residential and commercial construction requires a building permit issued by the Building Division - Permit Section.

Special Event Permit

A special event permit authorizes the use of public spaces for large events that take place in the City right-of-way or on public property. Special event permits are issued by the Board of Public Service, Office of Special Events.

Block Party Permit

A block party permit is for parties on RESIDENTIAL streets, hosted by a block resident, for a social gathering of residents who live on the block.

Private Event in City Park

For private events in a City Park, contact the Parks Division.

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