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How to request a copy of a death certificate in the City of St. Louis.

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Information about how to request a copy of death certificates for individuals who died in the City of St. Louis, or who resided within the City of St. Louis at the time of their death.


The following information will help you prepare to apply for a copy of a death certificate in person or by mail:

  • Read the information on this page carefully.
  • Consider how many copies you will need.
  • Gather the information needed for the application. You will need to know:
    • the deceased person’s full name (first, middle, last name),
    • sex;
    • race;
    • place of birth;
    • date of birth;
    • father’s full name (first, middle, last), Mother’s full name (first, middle, maiden name, or name prior to marriage).
  • In order to request a copy of a death certificate (certified or uncertified), you must be:
    • A member of the deceased's immediate family, including family members and in-laws with a direct line of descent up to, but not including, cousins.
    • Guardian or official representative of the deceased (I.e.: Attorney, Funeral Director, Doctor).
    • All family members acting as a Genealogist representing a family member, or professionally recognized Genealogist.


Once you have the necessary information, you are ready to submit your application form:

By Mail

  • Complete the appropriate request form application form:

  • When mailing your request for a Death Certificate, Missouri Department of Health requires notarization of your signature on the Mail-In application. Notary services are often offered by banks and UPS Stores. Call a local store or institution to confirm services and times available.
  • Include the completed application form, a legal-size, self-addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order for the search fee.
  • Mail the completed form to: 
The Vital Records Department
St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar
City Hall, Room 127, 1200 Market Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

In Person

  1. Come to our office, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30 pm, at City Hall room 127.
  2. If requesting the Death Certificate copy in person, have a valid driver’s license, state identification card, or other acceptable government issued photo identification. Your address on photo identification and your address on the application / request form must match.

    If you do not have photo identification, a qualified family member with photo identification may apply for the copy.
  3. Fill out the forms provided or present the form you downloaded printed and filled out.
  4. Provide proof of family relationship to the deceased. 


Use the Begin Online button below to order copies of death records online.

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Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Credit cards MasterCard and Visa
  • Electronic checks
  • Cash (in-person transactions only)

Document Search Fees:

  • Non-Refundable $14.00 for each 5-year search using Decedent information provided by Applicant (Customer) and, if record is found, one (1) Certified Transcript will be issued.
  • Additional Copies are available for $11 each.
  • Mail-In Customers Add 50¢ for return mail if you do not provide Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope.
  • When a record is found, your payment is used as a Copy Fee and you will be issued one computer generated Certified Copy of the record.
  • When a record is not found, your payment is used as a Search Fee.

Payment Methods and Fees:

  • A minimum fee of $1.50 is charged for any credit card payment under $52. For amounts over $52, the fee is calculated at 2.95% of the total payment amount.   
  • The service fee for electronic checks will be set at $1.50. This includes the ability to process payments via “Forte.”  The Forte electronic check payment system:
    • Validates the saving and checking account number real time.
    • Validates positive funds in the banks account at the time of the payment.
    • The product called ‘ATM Verify’ validates 95% of all US banks.
    • The City of St. Louis will received $.050 per transaction (to be deposited to the city's' designated bank account on a monthly basis.)
  • No cash back on any payments (debit card, credit card or check).

What to Expect

Types of Records:

Death ledgers may have been tracked in different ways throughout the history of our City. Therefore, the type of documentation used in the year for which you are requesting a death certificate may dictate the type, source and availability of the death certificate. See the following time periods and descriptions of the available records.

  • 1980 to Present - Missouri Certificates of Death for All Missouri Counties, including St. Louis City.
  • 1910-1979 - St. Louis City Death Certificates
    • From copies of originals, without amendments, without corrections.
    • Incomplete Collection.
    • No records for 1960-1964.
  • Pre-1910 - St. Louis City Death Register Transcript:
    • The St. Louis City Recorder and Registrar provides Certified Transcript services for Pre-1910 St. Louis City Death Registers.
    • Photocopying Death Register originals for the public is not possible because many St. Louis City's Death Registers are handwritten ledgers measuring up to 22 inches by 19 inches per page. Many have entries extending over two pages, very frail paper, or faded ink. Instead, Vital Records staff transcribe entries from the Registers and produce typed Certified facsimiles.
  • Searches entail a 5-Year Search: 2-years before and 2-years after Date of Death provided by customer on Application for the name provided by customer.

Additional Information

Corrections / Changes: 

For information about requesting a correction or change on a Missouri death certificate, contact the Bureau of Vital Records at Death Records at 573-751-6378.


Call the City of St. Louis Death Records Department at 314.613.3016.
(Please, no records requests via e-mail or phone).


Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar


(314) 622-4610

1200 Market St, City Hall Room 128
St. Louis, MO 63103-2881

Land Records Recording and Archives: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday Birth/Death/Marriage: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Saturday

Contact the Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar

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