Beth Ann and Teresa Reynolds

Resident Interviews for 2224 Howard Street

Beth Ann Reynolds

Beth Ann Reynolds grew up in the NGA footprint at 2224 Howard Street. She shares stories of her family and memories about growing up in St. Louis Place. Her father was a policeman whose career was fostered by the local parish priest, Fr. John Shocklee (of St. Leo’s and St. Bridget’s). Father Shocklee assisted many of the residents in St. Louis Place. He helped Beth Ann’s father learn to drive and assisted many in obtaining loans to buy their homes.

Teresa Reynolds

Teresa Reynolds, sister of Beth Ann Reynolds, was born in 1958 when her family resided at Pruitt-Igoe. She has vivid memories about her family’s purchase of the house at 2224 Howard Street, shortly before Beth Ann was born. When the Reynolds’ moved to Howard Street, most of their neighbors were white. Teresa and her sister, Beth Ann, attended the neighborhood’s Catholic Schools (St. Leo’s, St. Bridget’s and St. Liborius).

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