Prepare for Bulk and BOAT-E (Batteries-Oil-Appliances-Tires-Electronics) Item Pick-up and Disposal

Instructions and services for pick up and collections for large/bulky Items and BOAT-E items (batteries, appliances, oil Appliances, tires, Electronics)


Bulk Items Pickup

  • Accepted items include up to three (3) items (may include household furniture, appliances, bundled branches, logs, etc.)
  • Railroad ties are not accepted because the wood is soaked in creosote. These must be disposed of through a private waste hauler

Batteries-Oil-Appliances-Tires-Electronics (BOAT-E) pickup

You can recycle your BOAT-E items with the City during the monthly bulk pick-up! Please note that it is against the law to throw the following items out with the trash:

  • Batteries from motor vehicles (not household batteries)
  • Oil from motor vehicles. See other Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) disposal options for City residents, or check for disposal options with local service stations or retailers where oil is sold.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, etc.
  • Tires from motor vehicles and trailers
  • Electronics are also accepted for pick-up recycling. Items such as computers, printers, telephones and power cords may be set out in the alley during your bulk pick up week (not in dumpster).


  • Determine your local bulk items pick-up schedule and place BOAT-E items out for collection during the monthly bulk pick up in your area.


To make sure your bulky items will be picked up:

  • Place your items (not more than three) out by 6:00 am on the Monday of your collection week.
    • Residents with curbside collection should place their bulk items at the curb.
    • Residents with alley collection should place their bulk in the alley behind their home (be sure to keep bulk items away from refuse containers).
  • Collectors are not permitted to pick-up items on private property.
  • Refrigerator doors must be removed. Other large items need not be dismantled.
  • Place smaller loose items in a container or bundle. No container or bundle may weigh over 100 lbs., or be over 6 ft. long, or be over 2 ft in diameter.
  • Do not place bulky or BOAT-E items in your regular trash container, or place regular refuse with the bulky items.
  • Do not block the alley with bulky items.

Depending on the area in which you live, Bulk and BOAT-E items will be picked up during the week of the indicted Monday of each month.


Bulky items are picked up once a month. Service is included in your solid waste services fee ($14/month/unit), collected quarterly on your water bill.

What to Expect

Please allow the Refuse Division the entire week to pick up the items placed out for Bulk Pick up. If items are not picked up by the end of the week, you may report to Citizens Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 and note the items missed.

Additional Information


Refuse Division

(314) 622-4800

1900 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63139

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Contact the Refuse Division

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