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City Services

Departments and Agencies

  • Circuit Attorney
    The Circuit Attorney is elected by its citizens as the prosecutor for state-level criminal cases in the City of St. Louis. Specialized units include Child Support, Community Affairs, Drug Court, Felony Trial, Victim Services, White Collar Crime and the Warrant Office.
  • Circuit Clerk
    The Circuit Clerk's Office is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the 5,000,000 court files (1804 - present) in storage and the 40,000 new civil and criminal cases filed every year in the 22nd Judicial Circuit.
  • Circuit Court 22nd
    22nd Circuit Court information on reporting for Jury Duty, using CaseNet to track case information, and access to forms
  • Corrections Division
    Information and links concerning the City Justice Center (City Jail) and the Medium Security Institution (Workhouse)
  • Medical Examiner
    Office of the Medical Examiner
  • Municipal Court
    Find links and information on Traffic Tickets and Non-Traffic Tickets
  • Public Safety Department
    The Department of Public Safety is the largest municipal government department in the City of St. Louis overseeing the Fire Department, the Metropolitan Police Department, six major divisions, two bureaus, a correctional institution and the city jail.
  • Sheriff's Office
    Sheriff's Office general responsibilities and contact information

Informational Pages

  • City Justice Center
    Information regarding the City Justice Center, inmates visits, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Civil Process Information
    Service fees, where to mail papers for service, court time limits for service, city address locator
  • Court Information
    22nd Judicial Court locations and information / St. Louis City Municipal Court location, link for jury duty information
  • Inmate Programs
    Information regarding programs offered to inmates during their time of incarceration.
  • Process Server
    Information on class and criteria to become a process server
  • Volunteer Programs - Corrections
    The Division of Corrections offers volunteers a number of opportunities to work with the residents at City Justice Center and Medium Security Institution.

External Resources

Public Safety Portal and PIER Plan
A dynamic report of City initiatives focused on reducing crime and building long-term neighborhood stability.

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