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  • Business Assistance Center
    Outlines services offered through the Business Assistance Center (BAC)
  • St. Louis Port Authority
    The Port Authority of the City of St. Louis supports economic development in the City’s 6,000-acre Port District, which lies along the City’s 19 miles of Mississippi River frontage. In addition to managing leases for City-owned property in this area, the Authority works with shipping stakeholders across the bi-state area to promote regional commerce.

Informational Pages

External Resources

  • Arch Grants
    Arch Grants offers startups funding in the form of grants and supports the startups as they remain or transition to downtown St. Louis.  The Arch Grants Business Plan Competition helps to shape the image of St. Louis among aspiring entrepreneurs and others looking to have a formative role in building a new entrepreneurial climate in St. Louis.

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Recent News

Assistance Available for Displaced Dellwood and Ferguson Employees
Newsgram item from the United Way about Assistance Available for individuals in Dellwood and Ferguson impacted by the November 2014 unrest

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