Board Bill Number 13 In Session 2024-2025

Amending the Zoning Code to add Section 26.80.45


An Ordinance recommended by the Planning Commission amending the Zoning Code to add Section 26.80.45 creating exceptions to certain parking, height and area regulations of the Zoning Code for any parcel or portion thereof located within a one-half mile radius of the planned Northside-Southside Metro transit stations (NS-SS Metro Stations) on the Green Line light rail alignment approved by the East West Gateway Council of Governments Board of Directors on February 28, 2024; and containing an emergency clause. For eligible parcels along the planned route, exceptions include: 1) reduction in minimum required parking by 25 percent in zones "B" through "H" and "J" and "K"; 2) reduction in minimum lot area requirements by 40 percent in zones "B" through "H"; and 3) increase in maximum heights in zones "F" and "G" from 3 to 4 stories maximum. This board bill utilizes principles of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) to support transit investment, housing diversity, and increased access to transit for residents


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Session: 2024-2025

Introduced: 04/26/2024

Primary Sponsors: Shane Cohn

Latest Activity: Committee Assignment

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