Board Bills In Session 2024-2025

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

Board bill data is available for the 2005-2006 session and later.

BB #: All
50 records
Board Bill Sponsor Ordinance
BB 1
St. Louis City Annual Budget FY 2025
Megan E. Green
BB 2
The Wearing of Facial Coverings
Pamela Boyd
BB 3
Speed Humps on the 1200 Block of Montclair Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 4
Speed Humps Various Locations in the 8th Ward
Cara Spencer
BB 5
Speed Humps at Various Locations in the 11th Ward
Laura Keys
BB 6
Four Way Stop at the Intersection of North Garrison Avenue and Locust Street
Laura Keys
BB 7
Early Childhood Education Fund
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 8
City Parks Leasehold Improvement Dedicated Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2024
Pamela Boyd
BB 9
Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds
Pamela Boyd 71847
BB 10
Airport Revenue Bonds
Shane Cohn 71848
BB 11
Regulations for Attorney Access to City Correctional and Detention Facilities
Alisha Sonnier
BB 12
Certain Persons Access to City Correctional and Detention Facilities
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 13
Amending the Zoning Code to add Section 26.80.45
Shane Cohn
BB 14
Streamlining Food Truck Operations
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 15
Operating Hours of Marijuana Dispensaries
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 16
Conditionally Vacating Poepping Street
Anne Schweitzer
BB 17
Zoning Change 930 Sidney Street
Cara Spencer
BB 18
Speed Humps 3600-4600 Blocks of Lee Avenue
Laura Keys
BB 19
Speed Humps 4000 Block of Concordia Avenue
Anne Schweitzer
BB 20
Number not used this session
BB 21
TIP Projects-Construction for the Loughborough Ave. Bridge; Grand Drive Bridge and Traffic Management Enhancements Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. and 4th St.
Laura Keys
BB 22
Two-Way Stop Sign at the Intersection of Lee Avenue and Cora Avenue and the intersection of Lee Avenue and Dryden Avenue
Laura Keys
BB 23
Grant from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF)
Anne Schweitzer
BB 24
Airport Use and Lease Agreement (“AUA”)
Shane Cohn
BB 25
Speed Humps various Locations in the 2nd Ward
Tom Oldenburg
BB 26
Closure 5800 Block of Cates Aevnue at Hamilton Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 27
Four-Way Stop Site at the Intersection of Grape Avenue and Tara Lane
Pamela Boyd
BB 28
Speed Humps Various Locations 13th Ward
Pamela Boyd
BB 29
FIngerprint Based Background Check Requirements
Tom Oldenburg
BB 30
City Budget Process Ballot Measure
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 31
St. Louis Works
Anne Schweitzer
BB 32
Honorary Street Name “On Leong Way”
Cara Spencer
BB 33
Minimum Standards to Improve the Availability of Highly Trained and Diverse Work Force
Daniela Velazquez
BB 34
ARPA Funds Reallocations
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 35
Speed Humps various Locations 14th Ward
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 36
Repealing Ordinance Numbers 56729 and 56579
Cara Spencer
BB 37
Grand Center East Community Improvement District
Laura Keys
BB 38
Stop Signs in Various Locations Within the 14th Ward.
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 39
Speed Humps Various Blocks within the Seventh Ward
Alisha Sonnier
BB 40
U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Inflation Reduction Act Grant Program
Pamela Boyd
BB 41
License Fee Per Occupied Room Per Day for Short Term Rental Properties
Bret Narayan
BB 42
Temporary Easement 61 Ferry Street
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 43
Senior Citizen Parking and Passenger Loading Zone
Sharon Tyus
BB 45
Parking Division’s Annual Budget
Anne Schweitzer
BB 46
Number not used this session
BB 47
Public Works and Improvement Program at the Airport
Shane Cohn
BB 48
St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners Pay Bill
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 49
Change the Honorary Designation of the 4400 block of Washington Boulevard from "Rev. James Brown Sr. Boulevard” to “Rev. James Brown Sr. Avenue.”
Michael Browning
BB 50
Airport Interim Financing Program
Shane Cohn
BB 51
Complete Streets
Anne Schweitzer

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