Board Bill Number 288 | Session 2009-2010

Ordinance relating to refuse collection.


BOARD BILL NO. 288 INTRODUCED BY ALDERWOMAN JENNIFER FLORIDA, ALDERMAN STEPHEN CONWAY, ALDERMAN SHANE COHN, ALDERMAN CRAIG SCHMID, ALDERMAN STEPHEN GREGALI An ordinance relating to refuse collection and removal; amending Ordinance 59121 as amended by Ordinances 60292, 62276, 64116 and 66377 by repealing the definition of "Residential premises" in Section Two thereof and adopting a new definition of "Residential premises", and by repealing Section Four (c) thereof relating to removal, collection or disposal of refuse from non-residential premises by the Refuse Commissioner, and adopting a new Section Four (c) relating to the same subject; providing that beginning ninety days after the effective date of this ordinance, the Refuse Commissioner shall not provide refuse removal, collection or disposal service to premises containing five or more dwelling units unless the owner of such premises elects to pay a service fee of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) per dwelling unit per year, payable in quarterly installments of Thirty-Seven Dollars Fifty Cents ($37.50) billed quarterly in advance, with provisions for the administration of such fee system; providing that owners of premises containing five or more dwelling units who do not elect to pay the fee imposed by this ordinance and fail to have a contract for solid waste collection service with a private hauler violate this ordinance; requiring the Building Division to verify that the owners of premises with five or more dwelling units have elected to receive refuse collection and removal service under Section Three A of this ordinance, or have a contract for such service with a private hauler prior to issuance of Certificates of Inspection under Section 25.56.050, City Code; with penalty, severability and emergency provisions.



Session: 2009-2010

Sponsor: Jennifer Florida

Committee: Streets, Traffic and Refuse


Stephen Conway , Marlene E Davis , Craig N Schmid , William Waterhouse , Shane Cohn

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  • 01/22/2010

    First Reading

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