Board Bill Number 300 | Session 2013-2014

Water Systems Improvement Funding


BOARD BILL NO. 300 INTRODUCED BY ALDERWOMAN DIONNE FLOWERS An ordinance recommended by and authorizing and directing the Board of Public Service to let contracts, purchase materials, equipment and supplies, employ labor, hire consultants, pay fees, salaries and wages, and do all things necessary to provide for building, facility and equipment improvements to the Waterworks System of the City of St. Louis Water Division by projects approved by the Water Revenue Bonds (State of Missouri-Direct Loan Program), Series 2013 issuance in connection with the sale thereof to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as authorized by Ordinance Number 69504 approved July 11, 2013; to appropriate and pay the estimated cost of Eight Million Dollars ($8,000,000.00) from the Water Works Contingent Account, pursuant to Section Five Hundred Two (502) of Ordinance Number 63135 approved March 29, 1994, which costs will be reimbursed to the Water Works Contingent Account by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources pursuant to Ordinance Number 69504; containing sections for description of the work, approval of plans and specifications, work and material guarantees, estimated expenditures, allocation and reversion authorizations, reimbursement authorization, applicable state and federal wage rate requirements, equal opportunity provisions, the Mayor's Executive Orders, contract advertising statutes, and a public work emergency clause.



Session: 2013-2014

Sponsor: Dionne Flowers

Ordinance: 69691 effective 03/04/2014

Committee: Public Utilities

Legislative History

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  • 02/07/2014

    First Reading

  • 02/14/2014

    Second Reading

  • 02/21/2014


  • 02/28/2014

    Third Reading


Ordinance Number: 69691

Effective Date: 03/04/2014

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