Board Bill Number 139 Votes In Session 2023-2024

Grant for Youth Internships for the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment

Board Bill

The proposed bill pertains to the award of a grant from the State of Missouri. The bill approves the acceptance of the State of Missouri’s grant of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for a year-around paid jobs, internships and job training for youth residing in the City of St. Louis. The bill appropriates the funds and authorizes the Director of the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment to make, negotiate, and execute any and all contracts or other documents on behalf of the City, which are necessary to expend such funds and to expend such funds for the purposes allowed by the State of Missouri. The bill also contains an emergency clause as it relates to the funding of a program.

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11/17/2023 Final Passage Vote Results

This board bill was part of a consent vote along with BB 107, BB 139, BB 140, BB 142

Aye 12
No 0
Final Passage Vote
Ward Alderman Position
1 Anne Schweitzer Aye
2 Tom Oldenburg Aye
4 Bret Narayan Aye
5 Joseph Vollmer Aye
6 Daniela Velazquez Aye
7 Alisha Sonnier Aye
8 Cara Spencer Aye
9 Michael Browning Aye
10 Shameem Clark Hubbard Aye
11 Laura Keys Aye
13 Pamela Boyd Aye
14 Rasheen Aldridge Aye
3 Shane Cohn Absent
12 Sharon Tyus Absent
President Megan E Green Absent

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