Structure of the Board of Aldermen

Within the Board of Aldermen, there are 14 members and four officers.

The four officers are the President, Vice-President, Majority Floor Leader and Assistant Majority Floor Leader. The President is elected city wide and the remaining three are determined by seniority.

The President presides at all the meeting, preserves decorum and determines all questions of order. The President also appoints standing and special committees and serves as an equal member of all committees. The President assigns bills to appropriate committees and refers bills, when ready, to the Engrossment Committee.

The Vice-President performs all the duties of the President when the President is absent.

The Majority Floor Leader handles all Aldermanic administrative duties on the floor. The Majority Floor Leader moves to defer the approval of the minutes until printed, approve minutes when printed in the Journal of the Board of Aldermen, excuse Aldermen, adjourn to a certain date and carry out miscellaneous duties assigned by the President. In the absence of the Vice-President the Majority Floor Leader assumes the role.

The Assistant Majority Floor Leader performs all the duties of the Majority Floor Leader when the Assistant Majority Floor leader is absent.

The Clerk of the Board of Aldermen performs all duties necessary to the functioning of the Board. The Clerk is the official repository of all reports and records of the Board of Aldermen and the clerk's duties are almost limitless. The Clerk of the Board of Aldermen duties include the maintenance of records of all the proceedings. During the Board meetings, the Clerk is positioned just below the President and is responsible for voting procedures.

The Sergeant-at-Arms attends all meeting and takes care of the chambers as proscribed by the Aldermen.  

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