Sunshine Law Requests

Explore readily available open data, search previous similar requests, monitor trending topics, and submit a request in one convenient location

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All inquiries regarding the Health Commissioner's Orders pertaining to COVID-19, should be directed to the Department of Health

While adhering to the Health Commissioner's Orders in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to both employees and the public, the City of St. Louis is making every effort in processing Sunshine Law Requests in full compliance with the Sunshine Law.

Sunshine Law/public records requests are now submitted through a new system that allows users to:

  1. explore readily available open data
  2. search previous similar requests
  3. monitor trending topics with records releases
  4. create an account to compile and track their requests, communication, invoices, payments, and released records all in one convenient location

The new system is used by:

  • City of St. Louis
  • Medical Examiner's Office
  • St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC)
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police (SLMPD)


Click the "Begin online" button below and create a user account to submit Sunshine Law and Public Records Requests and track their progress.

Begin online Call (314) 657-1304

What to Expect

Users may explore the readily available open data, trending topics, as well as previous similar sunshine requests to locate records which may already be online and require no further research time or duplication costs.
If a user does not find the data, similar requests and available records necessary and would like to submit a request for records, they may create an account .This account will provide access to all requests submitted by the user and allow tracking of progress, communication, and payments.


Additional Information

State of Missouri Laws

The City shall comply with sections 610.010 to 610.030, RSMo, the Sunshine Law, as now existing or hereinafter amended. 

City of St. Louis Ordinance

Sunshine Law Ordinance 67667


Office of the City Counselor

(314) 622-3361

1200 Market, City Hall, Room 314
St. Louis, MO 63103

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm

Contact the Office of the City Counselor

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