Continuum of Care Committees

Description of the St. Louis City Continuum of Care (CoC) and its Committee's roles in the overall Continuum process.

The Planning Committee

The Planning Committee formulates and recommends strategic goals and objectives for the CoC and monitors progress (i.e. developing a CoC wide emergency disaster plan).  It gathers data on the nature and extent of homelessness, monitors the development of the HMIS, analyzes gaps and trends, recommends priorities, monitors long-range plans, monitors housing production, and promotes a regional approach to addressing homelessness.    

The Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee conducts activities to advocate for the homeless and to educate the public about issues pertaining to homelessness.  The committee annually recommends to the CoC a set of positions to be adopted and issues to be studied by the CoC, for example, an upcoming proposition or law on the ballot.

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The Service Delivery Committee

The Service Delivery Committee promotes the coordination and effectiveness of services across all components of the CoC.  It researches and addresses transitional housing placements and programmatic barriers such as agency compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.  It also identifies and quantifies the needs of the CoC population, reviews available CoC services, and recommends programs to suit those needs.

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The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee presents a slate of officers and members to the Board.  This committee is also charged with recruiting and retaining a wide range of organizations into membership, reviewing and recommending membership applications to the Board, and recommending rules and procedures for the CoC.

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Project Ranking & Review Committee

The Project Review and Ranking Committee performs threshold reviews for all new projects for the homeless seeking support from the Department of Human Services, advising whether each project meets basic criteria (i.e. CoC Active Membership, application completeness, etc.).  This committee also recommends priority rankings for eligible projects, using criteria established by the CoC.  The second step in this process goes to the Professional Service Award (PSA) Committee.  As outlined by City Ordinance, this committee makes final funding decisions regarding all City funds.  The Committee accepts recommendations from the CoC regarding new projects seeking CoC funding.

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Consumer Council

The Consumer Council is composed entirely of homeless and formerly homeless persons.  It makes recommendations as appropriate to the CoC and to providers of services and housing.  The Council works with the Advocacy Committee to identify consumer needs, to improve current services, and to give consumers a voice in the CoC and the public at large.

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