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How to request a virtual court date if you do not have a current virtual court date. You may also use this page to obtain a one time only continuance of your case online or to request a recall of a warrant that is eligible for a one time only hardship recall.

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In response to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, St. Louis City Municipal Court is conducting online virtual court sessions as an alternative to in-person court sessions that require a trip to the Court building for a physical appearance court.

Online virtual court sessions are conducted via the WebEx application. The Missouri Supreme Court has expressly authorized the use of online alternatives to in-person court sessions. The Municipal Court encourages defendants to use this alternative to resolve their cases.

This option will enable you to avoid a trip to the Court building for your court session.

If you do not have a current virtual court date for your citation(s) because you have an older case or because your case is in warrant status you may use this page to request that your case(s) be added to a virtual court session or to request a one time only warrant recall if your case is eligible for a hardship warrant recall. You may also use this page to make a one time only request for a continuance of your current vitual court date.  


  1. Before using this page to request a virtual court date confirm you have the following:
    • An Internet enabled device with a camera and microphone such as a properly equipped desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (I-phone or android)
    • A current / active email address to receive information from the court.
  2. Determine if your active cases already have a virtual court date. If you have misplaced your citation, search for your case numbers, or call the Court at (314) 622-3231 and provide your full name and date of birth. 
  3. Read and understand Your Rights in the Municipal Division.
  4. If you already have a virtual court date for your case(s), you should attend that virtual court date.
  5. If you have not had a continuance of your case(s), you may use this page to request a one time only online continuance of your case(s). If you have already had a continuance of your case(s) you cannot obtain a continuance through this page. If you need a further continuance, you must attend your existing virtual court date and ask the judge to grant you a further continuance. Failure to appear may result in the issuance of a summons or a warrant for your arrest.   
  6. If your case(s) is/are in warrant status, and is/are eligible for a one time only hardship warrant recall without bond, you may use this page to make your request.  


  1. Click the Begin Online button below:

  2. That button will take you to the MuniCourt.Net page, a searchable database of municipal court citations and current court dates. You will use Municourt.Net to find your case(s).

  3. Confirm that you have the information needed for your preferred search method. Select your search method in the drop down box at the in the upper part of the page. Name (Last, First, Middle, Year of Birth) is selected automatically, as that search is how you will get the most complete results.

    To search by Name, you will need your last name, your first name and your year of birth. (Do not enter your full date of birth).

    To search by case/ticket number, you will need the case number shown on your citation. For traffic tickets, the number will be at the upper right hand corner of the citation.

  4. Select the court from the drop down menu. Select "St. Louis City Municipal Court."

  5. Complete all required fields. (All fields with a "*" next to them).

  6. Check "I am not a robot."

  7. Click "Search."

  8. Your search result will display the cases that match the name and year of birth entered. Click on the defendant name to see more information about the citation. On the far right side of the search result page, under the column labeled “Court Date Time and Room” a link and a check box to “Select Virtual Court.” Put a check in the box for each case for which you are requesting a virtual date. That will normally be all cases. Then click on the link “Select Virtual Court.”

  9. You will then see virtual court information page. You will need to enter a valid email address. This should be for an account that you check and read on a regular basis. It will be the email address the court will use to communicate with you about your case(s) and request.   

  10. The court will send a 6-digit verification code to the email address you provided. Enter the 6-digit code in the box labeled “Email Verification 6-Digit Code.”

  11. Enter the other requested information (mailing address, etc).

  12. You may use the “Remarks” box to furnish the court with additional information you may wish to provide.

  13. Select your preferred court session date and time by clicking on the radio button for you preference.

  14. Read the Statement of Your Rights by clicking the blue link, and check the box confirming that you have read the Statement of Your Rights. You must confirm that you have read the Statement of Your Rights before you can submit your request.

  15.  Click on the button Submit Virtual Court Request.

  16. You will see a message “Successfully Posted.”

Begin online Call (314) 622-3231


There is no fee to request a virtual court session.

What to Expect

After you have submitted your request, it will be reviewed by the court.

If your request is approved, an email will be sent to the email address you provided informing you of your virtual court date, the links you will need to join your online virtual court session and other essential information to help you join your virtual court sesson. 

If the court does not approve your request, an email will be sent to the email address you provided with the reason and further instructions concerning your case(s). For instance, the court will not approve an on-line request for a continuance or rescheduling to different virtual session if you have already received a one-time online continuance. If you need a futher continuance you will need to appear on your currently assigned virtual court session to ask the judge for a further continuance. The court will not grant a warrant cancellation request if you have already received your one-time hardship warrant recall of a prior warrant on your case.

Additional Information

It is essential that you provide a working email address for an account that you regularly monitor and read.

If you do not, you will not receive this important information.

If you do not receive an email confirming that your request has been approved or informing you that it has not be approved, please call us at (314) 622-3231. Please allow three (3) working days for us to process your request. If your email changes, please notify us promptly.

Learn more about Virtual Court.


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