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Urban Design Department.

About Urban Design

Urban Design is the process of shaping a city’s physical form by taking a holistic approach towards all the physical elements that make up a city.  Urban Design works to promote the quality of life in the

urban_design_intro_graphic“public realm” by focusing on: parks, open space, and other places that people may gather; streets, sidewalks, and walkways; bridges and water bodies; historical features; trees and landscaping; and lighting and signage.  Urban Design takes these elements and shapes them in ways that create urban environments that are functional, attractive, comfortable, animated, stimulating, and safe.  And, while Urban Design examines the physical aspects of these spaces, its principal goal is to elevate the human experience of these spaces.


What We Do


The Urban Design Department is part of the City of St. Louis ’ Planning and Urban Design Agency.  Staff designers work with Aldermen, development professionals, neighborhood residents, and other City departments to guide and support livable, appropriate development based on each project’s needs and goals. 

 The Urban Design Department develops strategies that help to preserve neighborhoods and improve the design and attractiveness of the City and its neighborhoods by:  

  • Researching an implementing new urban design applications
  • Developing and maintaining urban design guidelines  
  • Preparing development concept plans  
  • Providing design and technical support to other City departments  
  • Making presentation to the general public, community groups, and other City agencies


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