Purchase LRA Property

The steps and materials needed to place an offer on an LRA property.

Step 1: Find a property 

Visit the LRA Property Search page or visit the Real Estate Department to purchase a Building List for $1.00 or a Vacant Lot List for $20.00.  

For iinformation on a particular property or general questions on LRA and the process of purchasing LRA properties call the LRA Receptionist at (314) 657-3721.

Step 2: Inspect the Building

Prior to making an offer, you are urged to inspect the building. 

Call the LRA Receptionist at (314) 657-3721 to check the availability of a property and see if a key is available.  If the property is boarded up an appointment is needed to view the interior of a building.  Please contact the Maintenance Department at (314) 657-3754 to set up an appointment to view the property.  Viewing appointments are only made for Thursdays. 

Keys are available for a $20.00 deposit, which we will refund if you return the key within 10 business days.

Step 3: Schedule Appointment to Make an Offer

After property is located and inspected inside and out, set up an appointment to make an offer to purchase by calling (314) 657-3721. 

What to bring with you to an offer appointment:
Offer Checklist

Step 4: Application Review

Your application will be processed and presented to the appropriate Board of Commissioners for consideration. 

Your application must show the ability to do what is presented in project planning form (e.g. renovate, new construction, etc.).


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