Driveway Permits

Constructing a new driveway or reconstructing an existing driveway

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The Street Department is responsible for maintaining the safety of the public right-of-way. As such, anyone planning to obstruct any portion of the public right-of-way is required to get a permit from the Street Department.

Street closings related to Special Events (such as street fairs, parades, runs, bike rides, etc.) are now applied for through the Office of Special Events.



Before submitting your permit request, you will need to have planned out your driveway and have exact measurements and details to provide to the Street Department.

  1. Determine what type of driveway permit you will need:
    • construct new driveway
    • reconstruct existing driveway as is
    • widen existing driveway
    • narrow existing driveway
    • relocate driveway
  2. Prepare to provide:
    • Location of the driveway entrance
    • Cross streets on either side of the location
    • Driveway width at property line and curb line (in feet)
    • Radius of roundings (in feet)
    • Distance from break line to curb (in feet)
    • Distance from curb line to property line (in feet)
    • Concrete thickness (in inches)
    • Type of curb to be removed (granite, limestone, concrete)
      • If granite, who will transport curb to storage? (contractor or city)
    • Amount of curb to be removed
    • If there are meters at the blocked area, how many?
      • List all meter numbers you will need to rent
    • A detailed description of your request
    • Photos or plans of your project (optional)
    • Your contact information

Blocking hours for sidewalks, curb lanes, and traffic lanes

Monday-Friday (weekdays), between 9am-3pm.


Use the begin online button below to submit your request.

Begin online Call (314) 647-3111


Review the high/low traffic volume fee division map for reference.

Blocking Fees

Low Volume Location Blockings:
  • Sidewalks: $20/day/block
  • Curb Lane: $20/day/block
  • Traffic Lane: $30/day/block
  • Alleys: $20/day/block
High Volume Location Blockings:
  • Sidewalks: $35/day/block
  • Curb Lane: $35/day/block
  • Traffic Lane: $50/day/block
  • Alleys: $35/day/block
Dumpster Blocking:
  • Low Volume Location: $20/week
  • High Volume Location: $35/day (Sidewalk or Curb Lane), $50/day (Traffic Lane)
Storage Container Blocking:
  • Low Volume Location: $25/week
    High Volume Location: $35/day (Sidewalk or Curb Lane), $50/day (Traffic Lane)

Meter Rental:

  • one time $25 application fee plus $10/meter/day; excluding Sundays and city holidays. 


What to Expect

After submitting your application online, you will receive an application ID number as well as a confirmation e-mail. You may then monitor the status of your application by going to our Check Status of Street Permit Application page. 

Please allow at least one week for review and approval of requests to completely close the street or for work along a commercial street.

Upon permit approval, you should come to 1900 Hampton to pay for and pick up your permit. At this time we only accept cash or check. If there is sufficient lead time before your event, you can mail in payment and we will mail or fax your permit to you.


Additional Information

All barricades are to be provided by the permittee and must include reflective tape and flashers during all hours of darkness.  For lane closures, barricades must be at least 1 foot inside the blocked lane (not directly on the lane line).

If you have any questions, the permit section can be reached at 647-3111. You may also contact us by e-mail with any questions. (See link in our contact section to the right).


Department of Streets

(314) 647-3111

1900 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63139

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 - 4:30

Contact the Department of Streets

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