Sewer Lateral Repair Program

Sewer Lateral Repair Program covers repairs to sewer line under the right of way


The entire sewer lateral line from your home to the MSD main is private property.

However, the City's Sewer Lateral Repair Program (SLRP) was created to assist homeowners with the cost of repairs under the public right of way section of the line.  

All owners of residential property with 6 or fewer units pay a $28 fee on their real estate property taxes. These funds are used to repair broken sewer lateral lines running under the public right of way.

  • The goal of the SLRP is to repair severe damage that is causing cave-ins in the right of way or back up in the home.
  • It does not cover breaks in the portion of the lateral line that runs under private property.
  • It does not cover clearance of clogs/tree roots along ANY portion of the lateral line.

Sewer Lateral Drawing


  • Report any street or alley cave-ins - if a cave-ins is observed report it to the Citizens' Service Bureau using the "Begin Online" button.
  • Obtain a license plumber report -  If you believe you have a sewer lateral break or leak, have the line checked by a licensed plumber and submit your plumber's report along with Video of issue to the Street Department.
  • Cave-ins location - If the break is under private property (and not under the right-of-way), repairs are the complete responsibility of the homeowner and not eligible for the Sewer Lateral Repair Program (SLRP).
  • Determine property eligibility - Only properties of 6 units or less that have fully paid their real estate taxes are eligible. 
  • Pay back taxes - If back taxes are owed, those taxes must first be paid before the property will be eligible for the Sewer Lateral Repair Program.


  1. Upon receipt of a cave-in report, the street inspector will inspect the cave-in and consult with the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to determine if their sewer main is the cause of the problem.
  2. If it is determined by the MSD and City of St. Louis that the main is in tact, free of obstruction, then the homeowner will need to have their lateral line inspected by a private plumber.
  3. Hire a plumber liscensed in the city of St. Louis to inspect the lateral sewer line.
  4. If your plumber determines there is a break under the right of way, submit your plumber's statement and video using one of the following methods:

    In Person or by Mail:
Street Department
Attn: SLRP
1900 Hampton
St. Louis MO 63139

By Email: 

Subject line: SLRP and address of property 

By Fax:

Statements can also be faxed to (314) 768-2888


If the sewer lateral break is under the Citys right of way, there is no fee for the repair, as long as the following requirments are met:

  • Properties Real Estate Taxes are paid
  • The property is assessed the Sewer Lateral insurance fee 

What to Expect

The Street Department prioritizes the various jobs according to the severity of the problem. Properties experiencing waste water backup are highest priority.

Other locations are taken in the sequence in which they were registered into the program. It is important for homeowners to know that many sewer lines in the City of St. Louis are over 100 years old and made from clay pipe.

These pipes are susceptible to shift due to ground settling. No pipe is going to be 100% free of defects. The goal of the SLRP is to repair severe damage that is causing cave-ins in the right of way or back up in the home.


Department of Streets

(314) 647-3111

1900 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63139

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 - 4:30

Contact the Department of Streets

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